Holiday Road Trip (2013) starring Patrick Muldoon, Ashley Scott, Kip Pardue, George Hamilton, Shelley Long directed by Fred Olen Ray Movie Review

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Ashley Scott and Patrick Muldoon in Holiday Road Trip (2013)

A Road Trip Romance

With Christmas coming Maya (Ashley Scott - We've Got Christmas Mail) thought when her boyfriend Davis (Kip Pardue) arranged a date at a fancy restaurant he was going to propose so when he made it clear he wanted nothing serious it put a real downer on her Christmas. So when at the pet food company she works for requires someone to go on a PR tour with the company mascot, Scoots a Jack Russell she agrees as it means she can stop off in San Francisco to see her mum Cynthia (Shelley Long). But it means that Maya is going to have to share an RV with Patrick (Patrick Muldoon - A Boyfriend for Christmas) who is not only the son of Max (George Hamilton) the company owner but who is also the company slacker who winds Maya up. It means their road trip, publicity tour is a nightmare for this chalk n cheese pairing but then maybe things will work out for Maya in unexpected ways.

Woof, Woof, Woof Woof Woof, yes Scoots that's right I'm reviewing another made for TV Christmas movie and feeling distinctly under whelmed by the obviousness which has just been tossed at me in "Holiday Road Trip". Now in fairness I should say that it is still early November and I have already written reviews for more Christmas movies than most people will watch in the next few weeks so am becoming a bit tuckered out by Christmas movies which do little more than recycle ideas from other movies and embellish them with a sprinkling of snow and tinsel to try and make them merry. So if this review seems cynical I kind of apologize.

You see the thing about "Holiday Road Trip" is that it is blindingly obvious from the first scene where Maya gets annoyed at Patrick who is sleeping at his desk behind a pair of shades and when they end up sharing a road trip it is just even more blindingly obvious as what road trip movies go without incident including breaking down. And just to add to that obviousness there is Davis who having been dumped by Maya finds out he is in line for a promotion and having a wife would look good so you know he is going to end up trying to track her down on the road trip. I could go on but I am sure you can get the gist of what to expect from "Holiday Road Trip" and is the sort of Christmas movie which under 15's will enjoy more than anyone else.

As for the acting well Patrick Muldoon and Ashley Scott are good looking and fun but basically deliver the sort of characters you will find in 90% of made for TV Christmas movies. In fact whilst Muldoon and Scott are the stars of the movie and are cute together there is more fun from the supporting cast which features the likes of George Hamilton, Shelley Long, Susan Olsen and Mindy Cohn.

What this all boils down to is that in truth "Holiday Road Trip" is pretty standard for a made for TV Christmas movie and if you are just getting into watching some festive films it should entertain but if you've been watching lots of Christmas movies it might disappoint for being so obvious and ordinary.

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