Home & Alone for Christmas (2012) (aka: 3 Day Test) starring Megyn Price, Corbin Bernsen, George Newbern, Taylor Spreitler, Francesca Capaldi, Aidan Potter directed by Corbin Bernsen Movie Review

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George Newbern in Home & Alone for Christmas (2012) (aka: 3 Day test)

Rules of Christmas

Have you ever seen something and without really paying attention thought you knew what it was? I have when I got a DVD called "Home & Alone for Christmas" because the way the DVD cover was designed made it look like it was another "Home Alone" movie and I didn't see that little "&" in between the words. It turns out that "Home & Alone for Christmas" is also called "3 Day Test" and has nothing to do with the "Home Alone" series of movies although it does descend into some "Home Alone" style survival during the second half. Now because of being duped by look-alike packaging I should be quite annoyed yet whilst "Home & Alone for Christmas" is not a great Christmas movie it does star George Newbern and Megyn Price and their likeability makes it bearable.

With Christmas approaching Martin Taylor (George Newbern - Father of the Bride) realises that not only has he lost touch with his family but they are each in their own little worlds from his eldest Lu (Taylor Spreitler) living life on her cell phone to his son communicating by an electronic message on his bedroom door. Desperate to save his family before they finally fracture he takes desperate measures and isolates the home for three days. No power, no water, no gas, no heating just 72 hours together surviving on their wits in their home. But 72 hours of forced contact with no distractions leads to issues none more so than Martin's survivalist brother trying to teach them a lesson.

Megyn Price and Taylor Spreitler in Home & Alone for Christmas (2012) (aka: 3 Day test)

Call it "Home & Alone for Christmas" or "3 Day Test" but what ever you chose this is one of those Christmas movies which firmly fits into the group called time fillers. It tries to search for some depth as we have a family bonding after having started to become fractured but it isn't really a heart warming movie. It just goes through the motions of a family discovering the issues which have started to drive a wedge between them and then dealing with them as Martin realises that some of the problems come down to him having worked so hard has missed out on his children growing up.

Even when it evolves into the "Home Alone" survival aspect it never really gets any better. In fairness it brings some energy to things which is certainly lacking during the first half but it doesn't make it memorable. In truth "Home & Alone for Christmas" could have been really good, could have been both soul searching, heart warming and amusing but it just has that feel of a studio having taken a first draft and rushed out a movie on a minimum budget to turn a quick profit rather than making it the good movie it could be.

In the end the success of the movie or in truth that should be what makes it watchable is the casting of George Newbern and Megyn Price. Newbern and Price are just very likeable and so even when "Home & Alone for Christmas" struggles to make you laugh the fact that they come across as nice at least gives you a reason to watch. And for fans of "Melissa & Joey" there is also the bonus of Taylor Spreitler as the older daughter.

What this all boils down to is that "Home & Alone for Christmas" is not a good Christmas Movie, in fact I wouldn't even call it average but it does feature George Newbern and Megyn Price who make it bearable.

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