Honeymoon for One (2011) Nicollette Sheridan, Greg Wise, Katie Bannon, Patrick Baladi, Diarmuid Noyes, Jonathan Hawtrey Clark Movie Review

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Greg Wise and Nicollette Sheridan in Honeymoon for One (2011)

Sheridan Gets Wise

High flying business woman, Eve (Nicollette Sheridan - The Christmas Spirit) discovers that Greg (Patrick Baladi - StreetDance), her husband to be, has been cheating on her and so not only breaks it off but goes on their honeymoon to Ireland on her own. It is whilst on this honeymoon for one, staying at the castle estate which Greg's company has just acquired, that she meets Sean (Greg Wise - Walking on Sunshine), the grounds man for the estate, who disagrees with plans to turn it into a golf course. Despite initially not seeing eye to eye Eve finds herself falling for Sean who is a single father to his daughter, Kathleen (Katie Bannon).

As I thought about what to write in this review for "Honeymoon for One" I knew that I could easily have just found an old review, changed the names and places and it would be done. You see "Honeymoon for One" is a Hallmark movie which covers very familiar ground, a recently separated woman finding unlikely love with a man who she initially argues with. Technically it means that "Honeymoon for One" is one big cliche but it is also a cliche which works if you are fan of the Hallmark brand of easy to watch romantic comedy/ dramas.

Greg Wise as Sean Hughes in Honeymoon for One (2011)

The thing is that whilst there is nothing which isn't stereotypical about "Honeymoon for One", including the characters, it still works. A big reason for this is that Nicollette Sheridan is amusing and nice as Eve and watching her go from being uptight when she arrives in Ireland to being relaxed and radiant is pleasant. And Greg Wise as Sean delivers that rustic charm perfectly, handsome, a bit rugged and most importantly a nice guy. The chemistry between Nicollette Sheridan and Greg Wise may not be much but they are fun together.

What this all boils down to is that "Honeymoon for One" is a text book Hallmark movie which takes an often used storyline and other than changing some names and places doesn't do anything new with it. But as such if you are fan of obvious, easy going romantic comedies the chances are this pleasant little movie will charm you.