Hopeless, Romantic (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Brandon W. Jones in Hopeless, Romantic (2016)

A Little Engaging

Matt (Brandon W. Jones) is an old romantic, he loves nothing more than watching old rom-coms and after dating his girlfriend, Alexis (Cassi Thomson), for 3 years uses all he has learned from movies to propose in the most romantic of ways. Unfortunately Alexis turns him down and says it is over as they have grown apart leading Matt to return home in a state of despair and binging on romantic comedies. It is how Matt comes up with the plan to use all the great ploys from those movies to win Alexis back before the school reunion. Whilst she thinks it is daft Matt's best friend Liz (Christa B. Allen) agrees to be his wing woman on his mission.

"Hopeless, Romantic" may have been broadcast on the Pixl Network but with it being a Larry Levinson Production this is the sort of made for TV romantic comedy which would be just at home on the Hallmark Channel. I mention that just so that right of the bat you can get the level of what this movie is at, that easy going, slightly cheesy level which plays as much on the good looking and likeable nature of the cast as the story. And they have certainly pulled together a cast of easy on the eyes and ears actors and actresses from Christa B. Allen and Cassi Thomson to Brandon W. Jones. Although it has to be said it took a while to realise that it was French Stewart as the owner of a video rental store.

Aside from the cast "Hopeless, Romantic" has a few things going on such as a couple who have been together for ever but are not married much to the woman's annoyance especially as the boyfriend is oblivious to her annoyance. But of course the main storyline surrounds rom-com addict Matt wanting to use all he has learned from movies to win back Alexis, and yes there is a John Cusack boom box scene in there. It is quite amusing when it comes to his reasoning that in all romantic comedies the man gets rejected only to win the girl back in the end. But of course this is one of those movies where we have a guy and gal who are best friends and do I need to say more when it comes to romantic realisation.

What this all boils down to is that "Hopeless, Romantic" is a typical made for TV romantic comedy which actually throws a few romantic stories at you. And whilst none of them are anything other than typical it ends up entertaining in an easy to watch manner thanks hugely to the likeable nature of the cast.