Hunt the Man Down (1950) Gig Young, Lynne Roberts, Mary Anderson, Willard Parker, Carla Balenda Movie Review

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Gig Young in Hunt the Man Down (1950)

Bennett's Looking for Kerry McGuire

When a criminal tries to hold up a joint where Bill (James Anderson) works he manages to stop him. But being the hero brings Bill some unwanted fame and that brings him to the attention of a lawyer who spots that Bill is in fact Richard Kinkaid who 12 years earlier was suspected of murder before he did a runner during his trial. After telling public defender Paul Bennett (Gig Young) what happened that night and who was there Paul and his father, a former cop, sets about trying to find these people in order to prove him innocent.

What is there to say about "Hunt the Man Down"? Well to be honest there doesn't seem to be a lot as we have a public defender trying to find evidence and get statements to find out if a man who has been missing for more than a decade committed a murder which he is accused of. To make it clear how little there is to say we have a gimmick tossed in to the movie which is Paul having his father, a former cop turned mechanic, helping him trying to crack the case. You may say what is gimmicky about that but the old man happens to be one armed and there is no need for it other than to keep you distracted.

Now maybe I am being a bit unfair as "Hunt the Man Down" isn't by any means a bad move and George Archainbaud delivers a solid looking crime story with effective camera work and use of light and shade. But the storyline surrounding a lawyer trying to track down witnesses who could clear Kinkaid is not enthralling enough to have you gripped by the story unfolding on the screen. It also doesn't feature any stand out performances with every single one of them sort of merging together in to a forgettable mass full of character cliches.

What this all boils down to is that "Hunt the Man Down" is another one of those old movies which isn't really that entertaining anymore and is now more of an interest to fans of older movies who are looking for something they haven't seen before.