I Married a Monster (1998) starring Richard Burgi, Susan Walters, Tim Ryan, Barbara Niven directed by Nancy Malone Movie Review

I Married a Monster (1998)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Richard Burgi in I Married a Monster (1998)

This Re-Marriage was a Mistake

It's the evening of Nick (Richard Burgi) and Kelly's (Susan Walters) wedding in the small town of Blue Falls and everything is going to plan as Nick has got through his bachelor party unscathed. But on the way home he ends up heading into the woods when his dog Travis runs in there where upon Nick comes across a strange pulsating dome which turns out to be an alien spaceship which sucks him in. The next day Nick arrives for his wedding a little late but seemingly unhurt and they embark on wedded bliss. But soon Kelly notices Nick is not himself and is not only not bothered about going out drinking with the guys but seems to be on a mission to get her pregnant. But it seems it is not only Nick who is behaving differently as one by one his friends are unexpectedly settling down and looking to start families as quick as possible which makes Kelly extremely suspicious.

In almost every review I browsed, whilst looking for information on "I Married a Monster", mentioned it was an ill advised remake of the 1950s "I Married a Monster from Outer Space" which some called a classic. And maybe for those who watched the original this 1998 made for TV version is a mistake but for those who haven't watched the original... well it is still kind of a mistake.

It is a case that "I Married a Monster" has no real oomph, no real atmosphere or bite to make it grab your attention. It just plods through the whole aliens taking over the bodies of the men in the town of Blue Falls and Kelly coming to realise that she has married an alien monster who is desperate to impregnate her. It isn't exactly a great storyline and done as a TV movie it comes up even shorter on thrills.

Part of the trouble is that the characters and acting is all too day time soap with Susan Walters all smiley and Richard Burgi doing strong, silent and deadly. In fact Burgi is the best thing about "I Married a Monster" because he sells the whole alien not knowing how to act around people which provides some decent laughs early on when we have the wedding and honeymoon but after that there is very little. Although having said that watching Brugi's delivery of a romantic scene which Nick watched on TV is priceless and the movie's best scene by far.

What this all boils down to is that even if you haven't seen the original "I Married a Monster from Outer Space", "I Married a Monster" comes up short and has all the issues which sadly befall made for TV movies. Occasionally it sneaks in an amusing scene but as a sci-fi horror what little alien bug is growing between my toes is more terrifying than this.