Ice Sculpture Christmas (2015) Rachel Boston, David Alpay, Paul McGillion, Mark Brandon Movie Review

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Rachel Boston in Ice Sculpture Christmas (2015)

An Ice Sculpting Fairytale

Back in 1997 Callie's mum and dad took her to the ice sculpting competition which were held at the country club where her father worked and not only was it where she fell in love with ice sculpting but where she also met David (David Alpay) whose family are members. Now many years later, all grown up and gone through culinary school Callie is back at the club having been given a job working as a dishwasher for top chef Gloria (Brenda Strong) who has become close to Callie's father since his wife passed away. Her return also brings her back in touch with David who having followed in his father's foot steps is still a member and who knowing how good Callie is at ice sculpting enters her in the annual competition without telling her which pitches her up against Gloria who is the resident champion. Despite it causing Callie issues it also causes sparks to fly between them as they become close whilst David begins to realise that following in his father's footsteps is not for him.

It's a Hallmark Christmas movie so right off the bat you should expect from "Ice Sculpture Christmas" some romance, of course a rocky road, maybe a second romantic subplot featuring older characters, plenty of understanding and a few other things. On the character front you should also expect good looking leads with a wholesome charm and those in supporting roles to have an almost pantomime style especially when it comes to anyone approaching being nasty. Oh and just for good measure it throws in a familiar angle of the son following the father in to his business but never doing what he really wants.

Do you know I could go on along those lines but then I could do that to every Hallmark Christmas movie because so few genuinely come up with something original when it comes to the story. But what "Ice Sculpture Christmas" has is in its title as the scenes of the ice sculpting are fun and fascinating and to my knowledge I haven't watched another movie which uses ice sculpting so extensively. And it isn't just ice sculpting because there is a good pinch of cooking thrown in to the mixing pot as well which always works especially in Hallmark movies.

What this all boils down to is that behind the fun of the ice sculpting scenes "Ice Sculpture Christmas" is still a familiar old Hallmark Christmas movie with the same romantic elements you see in many a Hallmark Christmas movie.

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