Ice Sharks (2016) Edward DeRuiter, Jenna Parker, Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau, Clarissa Thibeaux, Travis Lincoln Cox Movie Review

Ice Sharks (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ice Sharks (2016)

Frozen Shark Fodder

When a researcher and his team of dogs goes missing at an outpost in the Arctic the rest of the researchers are stunned when they discover what has happened. A group of aggressive sharks have not only acclimatized to the freezing water but they have gained the ability to smash through the ice, using their body temperature to rapidly weaken it. After the sharks destroy the ice surrounding the research station the lower section starts to fill with water causing it to sink with a small supply of air but no way of contacting help as the long wave mast is destroyed.

Just when you thought The Asylum, that production company known for bad sci-fi movies, couldn't squeeze any more blood out of the shark theme they deliver the entirely ridiculous "Ice Sharks". There isn't much I can say about this shark creation for the simple reason I can't find anything which I feel is worthy of a compliment. From the ridiculous nature of the set up of these sharks smashing their way through thick ice to attack humans to the whole research station sinking to the ocean floor with the researchers trapped in side it is simply poor with the usual forgettable characters and weak special effects failing to make it exciting.

What is kind of disappointing about all this is that "Ice Sharks" doesn't even enter the mysterious zone of being so bad it is entertaining. And that is simply because everyone seems to be trying to deliver this as a serious shark movie rather than embracing the tongue in cheek nature of it. Oh how I wish they had because the ideas in "Ice Sharks" are ideal for some tongue in cheek acting.

What this all boils down to is that "Ice Sharks" is sadly another one of these sci-fi mutant shark movies which just doesn't manage to entertain and in truth is the sort of movie that I even regret spending my time on despite usually enjoying this sort of nonsense.

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