Icetastrophe (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Mike Dopud and Victor Webster in Icetastrophe (2014)

Ice Humbug

Ben Crooge (Mike Dopud) is holding a public event to commemorate the commencement of work on the redevelopment of the town centre in the small mountain town in which he lives, a not overly popular decision with even those who work for him such as Charlie Ratchet (Victor Webster) who fears he is destroying the soul of the town. But a meteor which splits in two before landing ends up more destructive as half of it comes crashing down in the middle of the town and causing temperatures to drop so quickly that those who don't flee freeze to death in seconds. Whilst Charlie organizes for people to flee to a nearby town where his wife Faye (Boti Bliss) works he joins forces with Alex (Jennifer Spence), a university grad student, who had tracked the meteor and together must find the other half to try and bring an end to the sudden ice age before it spreads. Meanwhile Charlie's son Tim (Richard Harmon) having reached safety heads back out to try and find his girlfriend Marley Crooge (Tiera Skovbye).

I should say that I have also seen "Icetastrophe" called "Christmas Icetastrophe" and that is more to do with the obvious use of names such as Crooge and Ratchet than for it having anything to do with Christmas. So yes it does mean the whole Christmas aspect of the movie is a gimmick although without giving too much away that by the end of the movie Ben Crooge having been fortunate enough to survive has a bit of a personality change.

So what that means is that "Icetastrophe" is little more than another one of these routine made for TV disaster movies which in recent years have brought a new definition to the word routine by often trying to have a ridiculous storyline. As such we have a crashing meteor, a sudden ice-age style freeze and the usual aspects of a handsome hero trying to save the day, the outsider who ends up helping and of course the children who because of love put themselves in danger. It is nothing but typical with the usual level of special effects and action but truth be told it moves along at a nice pace and that helps to make this watch able as does the appeal of the cast.

What this all boils down to is that "Icetastrophe" is just another made for TV disaster movie which uses a Christmas gimmick to try and lure you in to watch. As such this is another one of those moves which if you expect greatness you are going to end up feeling cheated but at the same time if you enjoy a laugh this has some smile moments although most come from it being ridiculous.