Idaho Kid (1936) Rex Bell, Marion Shilling, David Sharpe, Earl Dwire Movie Review

Idaho Kid (1936)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Rex Bell in Idaho Kid (1936)

Clint I am Your Son

When Todd Hollister (Rex Bell) was born is mother died and his father demanded that he be taken away or else he will kill him. Now many years later Todd returns to where he grew up and in to a feud between rancher Clint Hollister (Earl Dwire), the father who abandoned him, and John Endicott (Lafe McKee) and his wife (Dorothy Wood), rival ranchers who took Todd in when Clint abandoned him. But masquerading as the "Idaho Kid" no one other than an old coot and a young man who Todd saves from a life of crime knows the truth. But the feud leads to Todd finding himself caught in the middle and with things spiralling out of control finds himself having to deal with the real risk of his real father shooting him, not knowing who he is.

I wonder whether as a kid George Lucas watched "Idaho Kid" as the whole storyline which sees Todd's real father unwittingly aiming to gun his son down reminded me of "Star Wars" and Luke and his father but in reverse. Of course "Idaho Kid" was by no means the only movie to serve up this sort of confusion with mistaken and hidden identities and as such whilst an entertaining story "Idaho Kid" isn't anything particularly unique.

In fact if you ignore the story which sees Todd trying to defuse the situation between his father and the man who raised him and what you have left is just a stereotypical western with the hero wearing a rather large white hat a pretty young woman for someone to end up with by the end of the movie and both some horse and some gun play. Yes Rex Bell makes for handsome and upright hero but in truth he is no different to any of the actors who played the hero in this sort of old western.

What this all boils down to is that "Idaho Kid" is another old western for those who love old westerns or any sort of westerns. But for those looking for something to entertain for an hour won't find anything memorable here.