I'll Be Seeing You (2004) starring Alison Eastwood, Iris Quinn, Bo Svenson, Derwin Jordan, Richy Müller, Mark Humphrey, Margot Kidder directed by Will Dixon Movie Review

I'll Be Seeing You (2004)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Alison Eastwood in I'll Be Seeing You (2004)

Seeing is Disbelieving

Mary Higgins Clark Collection - hopefully by saying those 4 words you will already know what to expect from this little mystery movie. If you don't then all I can say is that these movies tend to be less than subtle, often a little sweet and not very realistic. Sounds bad doesn't it but "I'll Be Seeing You" like other movies from the Mary Higgins Clark Collection has a bit of mystery going on and it is that mystery which keeps you involved even when the cheesy, less than subtle style is annoying.

Called by Lt. Story (Derwin Jordan) late in the evening Patricia Collins (Alison Eastwood - Tightrope) heads to the morgue as she may be able to identify a body. To Patricia's shock the woman looks just like her yet to her knowledge she has no siblings or cousins but offers to help in any way in the investigation as the woman had Patricia's address in her pocket. But Patricia has other concerns as well as her and her mum have spent heavily on renovating the dude ranch but now find that the insurance company won't pay out on her father's life insurance as his body was never found after a bridge accident.

Iris Quinn and Alison Eastwood in I'll Be Seeing You (2004)

So what we have going on is this collection of mysteries starting with the dead woman who looks like Patricia this links into a guy called Bernie who is obsessed with Patricia. Now these two things are so quickly put in place that you think that "I'll Be Seeing You" is going to be pointless as we already know who the bad guy is but thankfully there is more. So we have Patricia's father's death which then becomes a missing person case and a murder of another woman, a former boyfriend and a few other things cropping up. Yes that does make it extremely convoluted but at the same time because it is so convoluted almost comical that it keeps you watching out of a curiosity to how it will all play out.

But "I'll Be Seeing You" is not only convoluted it is also less than subtle and often borders on being over the top when it comes to the performances especially of characters who are meant to make us wonder if they are good guys or bad guys. But at the centre of all this is Alison Eastwood as Patricia and whilst not having the greatest of characters Eastwood is watchable and helps to keep you involved in the spiralling story.

What this all boils down to is that "I'll Be Seeing You" is not good if you watch in the hope of a serious mystery movie but entertaining for being almost comical for being so convoluted.