Incident at Victoria Falls (1992) Christopher Lee, Patrick Macnee, Jenny Seagrove, Joss Ackland Movie Review

Incident at Victoria Falls (1992)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Patrick Macnee and Christopher Lee in Incident at Victoria Falls (1992)

A Slow Train for Sherlock

Having solved yet another crime Sherlock Holmes (Christopher Lee) is preparing to retire his magnifying class and head to the countryside where he is planning on keeping bees. But plans of bee-keeping and retirement are put on hold when King Edward (Joss Ackland) requests a personal favour; to provide escort to the much cherished Star of Africa diamond. But when the safe containing the diamond is opened they don't find a priceless jewel but a dead body and the initials S.I.H.. With the help of Gugliamo Marconi (Steven Gurney), Theodore Roosevelt (Claude Akins) and of course Dr. Watson (Patrick Macnee) set about solving the murder and recovering the jewel at the same time.

So in the early 90s Christopher Lee, having played Sherlock Holmes briefly many years earlier, made two Sherlock Holmes mini-series which means they each end up sometimes being shown as 180 minute movies. Now Christopher Lee's interpretation is good, well not offensive, with a straight laced dignity about him to fit the era that "Incident at Victoria Falls" is set. But he also gives him a slight touch of humour which works well with Patrick Macnee as his sidekick Dr. Watson. Although I find myself finding this version of Holmes and Watson also quite forgettable.

In truth I am not sure it is Lee's or Macnee's faults as unfortunately at a bum numbing 188 minutes "Incident at Victoria Falls" is a test of endurance as it doesn't have 188 minutes of content. Instead we get scenes which are not expanded upon just drawn out and a sense of repetitiveness throughout as often things we learn are reiterated. It means that what could have been an enjoyable murder mystery if kept to 120 minutes ends up a chore which other than some nice locations is on the whole forgettable and a movie which struggles to get your attention.

What this all boils down to is that maybe die-hard Sherlock Holmes fans will enjoy "Incident at Victoria Falls" but for those who watch seeking an exciting murder mystery starring Christopher Lee are likely to be disappointed.