Intimate Stranger (2006) Kari Matchett, Peter Outerbridge, Matthew Knight, Jonas Chernick, Tammy Isbell, Robert Benz Movie Review

Intimate Stranger (2006)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kari Matchett in Intimate Stranger (2006)

Stalker in the Attic

Karen Reese (Kari Matchett - Lead with Your Heart), an investment broker, is not short of male attention, but for her there is one man who comes first, her son, Justin (Matthew Knight). But Karen finds herself becoming close to Denis Teague (Peter Outerbridge - Murder in the Hamptons), a seemingly perfect guy who is there for her when some strange things start happening around the house and as a bonus Justin also likes him. That is until Karen feels that he is moving things too quickly and decides to call time on their relationship. Following the break up Karen and her son find themselves victims of even more strange occurrences around the home, leaving them feeling spooked and afraid.

So who's the creepo in the attic spying on Karen and behind the strange events going on in the house? That is the driving force of "Intimate Stranger" from the minute we get to see that someone with their own little monitoring suite is hiding in the eves of her attic, but of course we don't see who it is. As such is it bachelor number one; the handsome Denis who seems over keen to please Karen. Maybe it is bachelor number two, the boss who is not shy in making his feelings known to Karen and is disappointed when she starts seeing Denis. Or how about bachelor number three, Justin's father, who does not have a good relationship with Karen. And of course "Intimate Stranger" leads you in a certain direction but with just enough mystery so you wonder whether it is one of the others or even someone unknown.

Unfortunately this sort of stalker movie with a creep in the attic is pretty routine and as such for those familiar with the concept will know that "Intimate Stranger" is a case of waiting for the reveal to come and the danger to materialize with Karen having to fight back. What it also means is that whilst Kari Matchett brings to life the various aspects of her character, such as not wanting to be controlled by a man, the character is quite generic and at times "Intimate Stranger" feels like it relies heavily on Matchett's good looks to keep the audience involved.

What this all boils down to is that "Intimate Stranger" is nothing special with a pretty routine sort of storyline but is entertaining enough despite its routine nature.