Into the Blue (2005) starring Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, Ashley Scott, Josh Brolin, James Frain, Tyson Beckford directed by John Stockwell Movie Review

Into the Blue (2005)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jessica Alba and Paul Walker in Into the Blue (2005)

Biceps, Bums and Hot Bods

"Into the Blue" is a movie of two things, we have an under water treasure hunting story which features bad guys and drugs and then there is the other thing sexy young things in sexy swim wear. These two things split the movie in half because whilst we discover the sunken treasure and the plane full of drugs in the first half it is all about sexy babes in bikinis and toned torsos in shorts whilst the second half focuses on the actual story of treasure, drugs and bad guys. The trouble is that because the first half is almost something made for dirty old men in raincoats by the time the actual drama and action arrives you have stopped caring and just settled in for breast and butt shots of Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott in bikinis.

Jared (Paul Walker - Noel) and his partner Sam (Jessica Alba - Fantastic Four) dream of one day finding sunken treasure and whilst out with friends Bryce (Scott Caan) and Amanda (Ashley Scott) they find just that when an old Gold sword retrieved from the sea bed suggests there is big treasure to be found. But they also discover a nearby sunken plane which crashed whilst carrying a huge shipment of drugs. Not wanting anything to do with the drugs Jared and Sam get drawn into a lot of trouble when drug lords and rivals discover what Jared and Sam have found it.

Scott Caan as Bryce in Into the Blue (2005)

So as already mentioned "Into the Blue" is a movie split in two with the first half being about little more than sexy young things in sexy swim wear. For the men we have scene after scene of Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott in skimpy bikinis with the camera often focussing on their pert bums. And then for the women there are the men, the toned and tanned figures of Paul Walker and Scott Caan in shorts. Now in fairness they are treated equally as for every sexy shot of Alba there is one of Walker but it does border on the pervy when the camera gets in surprisingly close and intimate.

But then there is the second half which is all about the mess of trying to get the sunken treasure with no money for equipment combined with the drugs. It's basically routine; there are bad guys, double crosses, a car chase and a few fights including some under water. But it's okay, it's not anything new or memorable but works through this routine treasure hunting play book quite nicely.

So in effect "Into the Blue" is really a movie built on sexy young things doing the treasure hunt thing and in fairness with it being about that it is well cast. Paul Walker and Scott Caan both have the torso and energy of a couple of young friends who still do a few silly things whilst Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott certainly have the sexy thing going on. But because so much focus is placed upon them looking hot be it whilst sitting around or swimming, and trust me some of the swimming is surprisingly sexy, their characters are less important than their looks.

What this all boils down to is that compared to other treasure hunt movies "Into the Blue" scrapes in at about average. But in truth whilst it does feature a treasure hunt story the real focus of the movie is sexy young things in swim wear and it delivers it.