It Came from Outer Space II (1996) Brian Kerwin, Elizabeth Peña, Jonathan Carrasco, Adrian Sparks Movie Review

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Brian Kerwin in It Came from Outer Space II (1996)

Body Snatchers from Outer Space

Photographer Jack Putnam (Brian Kerwin) finds himself with a young assistant when local boy, Stevie Fields (Jonathan Carrasco) tags along with him up to Diamond Back Ridge to take pictures. It is whilst out there that they encounter something unexplainable which leaves strange blue rocks scattered all over the place and Jack flummoxed by what ever it was. In the days which follow strange things start to happen through out the fragmented community as the temperature rises, water vanishes and people start behaving differently with many appearing angry at Jack.

Movie production lesson one; if you make a sci-fi movie which at best is only okay one way to make sure to get an audience is to name it after a well known movie, even give it a number to make it appear to be a sequel. Lesson number two; if you really what to annoy those who are passionate about movies then call an ordinary at best movie after one which is well known. As such "It Came from Outer Space II" whilst certainly going to be watched by those who know their movies is also going to annoy many who consider it a cheek to use the name of a sci-fi cult classic to dupe audiences into something which doesn't compete.

Jonathan Carrasco and Elizabeth Peña in It Came from Outer Space II (1996)

Here's the truth about "It Came from Outer Space II"; whilst it frequently struggles to be okay it is far from being terrible and suffers from being far too typical. As such something from outer space crash lands, people get their body's snatched and we have a hero in Jack to not only save the day but also fall for Stevie's attractive single mother. On top of these bog standard elements we also gets 90s TV special effects with glowing rocks and bright flashes being very much the order of the day and as you can probably guess are pretty basic and not that exciting.

The thing is that if you watch "It Came from Outer Space II" with the low expectations then it isn't completely terrible. Thanks to Brian Kerwin and Elizabeth Peña it is watchable but mostly because they are likeable actors than because of their characters, which of course are as standard as everything else in this movie. In fact "It Came from Outer Space II" is one of those movies which less than half a day after watching you will struggle to remember much about it other than it featured blue rocks in the desert.

What this all boils down to is that "It Came from Outer Space II" whilst not great entertainment does have some things about it which are entertaining. That is as long as you watched it with low expectations.