Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (1994) starring Brian Dennehy, Charles S. Dutton, Susan Ruttan, Joe Grifasi, Charles Hallahan, Rex Linn, Miguel Ferrer directed by Brian Dennehy Movie Review

Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (1994)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Brian Dennehy in Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (1994)

Dennehy Serves up Ambrosia

Having once again found himself being passed over for a promotion despite scoring the highest test scores Chicago detective Jack Reed (Brian Dennehy - FX2 - The Deadly Art Of Illusion) also has to deal with his friend Charles Silvera (Charles S. Dutton - Crocodile Dundee II) being promoted over him because of "race norming" and then having to show him the ropes. But despite bringing some tension between friends the two find themselves investigating the murder of a pregnant stripper connected to Ambrosia a night club run by Win Carter (Miguel Ferrer - Hot Shots! Part Deux).

Mid 90s made for TV crime movie involving a cop and one which is the 2nd of 5 movies in a series. I say all that because "Jack Reed: A Search for Justice" is very typical of this sort of crime movie from the mid 90s and whilst the second movie in a series can be watched without having seen the first.

Charles S. Dutton in Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (1994)

But to give this made for TV movie the credit which it deserves it does keep you interested despite serving things up on a plate. The simple reason why is the combination of two storylines as whilst not a major part of things the fact that Jack having been unfairly passed over for promotion then has to show his friend the ropes makes it far more interesting. Watching the experienced Jack show the inexperienced Charles the ropes grabs your attention none more so when they examine the dead body and Charles is disgusted by what he thinks Jack is up to.

What also helps matter is that "Jack Reed: A Search for Justice" has a good cast with Brian Dennehy and Charles S. Dutton working well together as partners. They both create interesting characters individually but also bounce off of each other with a touch of comedy which makes them entertaining. And to give credit further Brian Dennehy also does a good job behind the camera having made his debut with this TV movie as a director.

What this all boils down to is that "Jack Reed: A Search for Justice" is a solid and typical made for TV cop movie from the mid 90s. There is nothing in the least bit special about it but it does keep you entertained.