Jaws of Justice (1933) starring Kazan the Wonder Dog, Jack Perrin, Ruth Sullivan, Gene Toler, Lafe McKee, Lightnin' Teddy, Robert Walker directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet Movie Review

Jaws of Justice (1933)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Gene Toler and Kazan in Jaws of Justice (1933)

Kazan is the Law Seeker

For 15 years 'Seeker' Dean (Lafe McKee) has been looking for gold and having finally found it is on his way to the Government Office. But he never reached the office as Boone Jackson (Robert Walker) kills him before he can there. 'Kickabout' Riley (Gene Toler) and his dog Kazan find a clue to the location of Seeker's gold and Royal Mountie Sergeant Kincaid (Jack Perrin) solves the clue. But Boone Jackson discovers where the gold is and in order to get it is prepared to blow up the dam which will flood the entire town.

What I didn't mention in that synopsis is that Boone Jackson is engaged to Judy who happens to be Dean's daughter. So that means we have one of those old fashioned story where we have a nefarious boyfriend planning steal the gold belonging to his girls father. But what we also have is a dog movie because it is Kazan who is aware that it is Boone who is the bad guy but with his master Kickabout being a mute it makes it difficult for the bad guy to get caught.

Now "Jaws of Justice" isn't terrible but it is evident right from the word go it is a low budget production full of over acting, over acting and more over acting so that the good guys are really good and the bad guy is obviously bad with the stare and miserable look on his face. Aside from that we have Kazan a very talented dog who looks a lot like the famous Rin Tin Tin and just as well trained as.

What this all boils down to is that "Jaws of Justice" is another forgettable movie made a long time ago which other than featuring the well trained Kazan has little going for it. But I suppose if you are interested in old cinema it features a few familiar faces such as Jack Perrin and Robert Walker to make it interesting.

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