Jimmy (2013) Ian Colletti, Kelly Carlson, Ted Levine, Bob Gunton, Patrick Fabian Movie Review

Jimmy (2013)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Ted Levine and Ian Colletti in Jimmy (2013)

Jimmy is a Giant

Jimmy (Ian Colletti) is many things; he is a young Christian and he is also mentally challenged, a little bit slower than other children his age and prone to having visions of people who he calls "Watchers". When Jimmy goes as usual with his father, a lawyer, to the police station where he washes cars he over hears something the Sheriff says which is crucial to a case that his father is dealing with. Despite other's concerns, especially his grandpa, Jimmy ends up on the witness stand and giving crucial evidence which painted the Sheriff in a bad light and has a major knock on effect for the entire family.

That synopsis basically covers the 3rd to roughly the 20th minute of "Jimmy" and does not do credit to this movie which starts with some drama as Jimmy is dragged across a boat dock, kicking and screaming as he is afraid of water before jumping back a few months. But I actually feel like I don't want to tell you anymore because that is the only information I had to start with and this movie grabbed my attention in a way so few movies have. The trouble is that to review "Jimmy" is kind of impossible unless I tell you more so I will say now that there are spoilers ahead and I would love for you to go and either rent or buy a copy of "Jimmy" and watch for yourself with just a small warning that whilst a family movie may not be good for young children.

Kelly Carlson in Jimmy (2013)

Now what we get in "Jimmy" on top of the drama surrounding the annoyed sheriff and the court case is a look at the life of Jimmy. We see how much church means to him that he is prepared to tackle his fear of water to be baptized. We see how clever he is and a lot more capable and intelligent than many give him credit for with his grandpa teaching him to climb. We see how his step mum is extremely loving but also at times overly protective whilst his dad is career focussed. And you may be wondering how all this comes together with the opening drama and the court case because I know I was but this is where "Jimmy" goes from showing that those who are challenged can have hidden talents in to a real drama.

Now there is no denying that "Jimmy" comes under the heading of Christian Cinema with young Jimmy not only seeing what he calls "watchers" but going to church and wanting to be baptised. But this is one of those movies which straddles the two categories as it works as entertainment for Christian families with just that slight warning that some scenes may unsettle young children but also works for a mass market who will pick up on the positive light which Jimmy and his challenges are portrayed and won't be offended by the Christian side as it is nicely controlled and not preachy.

As for the acting well young Ian Colletti is fantastic and delivers a full on performance as young Jimmy but not so full on that his portrayal of his situation feels over the top. But the performances around Colletti are just as good with Kelly Carlson bringing about the loving but protective side of her character whilst Ted Levine has than gentle giant thing going on as his grandfather.

What this all boils down to is that "Jimmy" is a real surprise of a movie and one which is best watched with the slimmest of information. So it may not be a big budget blockbuster but it has heart, it has good performances and it has a tone which just draws you in.