Jump In! (2007) starring Corbin Bleu, Keke Palmer, David Reivers, Shanica Knowles, Laivan Greene, Kylee Russell, Patrick Johnson Jr. directed by Paul Hoen Movie Review

Jump In! (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Corbin Bleu as Izzy Daniels in Jump In!

Skipping is an Option

I've watched Disney movies over the years but to my knowledge haven't watched one which is a "Disney Channel Movie"; yes I am proud to say I have never seen "High School Movie". So watching "Jump In!" was a bit of a new experience, I say bit because it turned out pretty much how I expected, good clean fun with good looking teens, a decent energy and a happy ever after ending to match a lot of cliche elements which fill up the rest of the movie. But whilst not being the most creatively original of movies it works, it is entertaining and is fun for younger audiences.

Izzy Daniels (Corbin Bleu) is a teenage boxer and the third generation of Daniels to enter the boxing ring much to his dad's delight who has high hopes for Izzy. But when his friend Mary (Keke Palmer - Knights of the South Bronx) and her Double Dutch dancers need a fourth person they persuade Izzy to help out and he finds not only a love of skipping but also a love in Mary. But Izzy is embarrassed about enjoying skipping and tries to keep his new passion from everyone, except school bully Rodney (Patrick Johnson Jr.) discovers and makes his life a misery.

Keke Palmer as Mary Thomas in Jump In!

Now as storylines go "Jump In!" is built up on a variety of cliches, we have Izzy a teenager boxer whose father boxed and his father boxed before that but as we soon realise that whilst Izzy is a good boxer his father has been less of a father and more of a coach in the year since his mother died. Then we have Mary and the Double Dutch jumpers who need Izzy's help but Izzy thinks skipping is girlie, although he fancies Mary and so offers to help. It is cliche and obvious and you know the fact that with Izzy keeping his skipping a secret that at some point others will find out, he will be humiliated, issues with his dad will arrive and he will have to make a decision over doing something his dad loves or something he loves.

The thing is that from an adult's point of view all of it is very obvious; it's been done before just dressed up in different clothes. But it is perfect for young children, it is good clean fun with a wholesome moral message where everyone, yes even a bully, ends up being friends.

What is for certain is that "Jump In!" is really all about the look, there is some soft but entertaining boxing training, well entertaining for young children who are yet to see a "Rocky" training montage. And then there is all the Double Dutch skipping with a lot of outrageous moves both in the training and when it comes to the big competition. Plus there is the good looking stars with Corbin Bleu delivering the charming smile whilst Keke Palmer oozes warmth when she's not trying to act feisty. Yes it's not very believable when you see Izzy somersault whilst in the boxing ring to avoid a punch but young kids will love it.

What this all boils down to is that "Jump In!" is entertaining, is wholesome, is beautiful and is what young children will probably enjoy be it the light weight boxing or the Double Dutch skipping, which it has to be said is fantastic. But whilst wholesome and family friendly with a happy ever after ending with a feel good message it is very unoriginal for adults who find themselves watching this with young children.