Kidnapped: 48 Hours of Terror (2010) (aka: Elopement) Movie Review

Kidnapped: 48 Hours of Terror (2010)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ian Ziering in Kidnapped: 48 Hours of Terror (2010) (aka: Elopement)

More than a Kidney Failure

They were young and so in love but unfortunately for Mark Drummond (Chris Kramer - Out of Control), a mechanic, and his fiancée, Jamie Butler (Pascale Hutton - A Family Thanksgiving), her mother did not approve and doesn't want them to get married. It is not just Jamie's family as Mark's cop brother David (Ian Ziering - The Christmas Hope) thinks they are rushing things and should wait a while. But instead Jamie steals $200,000 from her mother's company, with a plan to pay it back, and with Mark elope in a small two seater plane. But the weather turns bad and it looks a though they may not survive. Eight years later and a small child is in desperate need of a kidney transplant which leads to the baby's father returning to a life he left behind for a new one, a life that his wife knows nothing about.

Spoiler alert; what I am about to say reveals some thing I didn't mention in that synopsis for "Kidnapped: 48 Hours of Terror" and that is that when we get to 8 years later it is Mark's child who is gravely ill and Mark has been living under an alias with no one knowing about his past. That in itself doesn't make "Kidnapped: 48 Hours of Terror" a bad movie it actually poses the interesting question of what will Mark do to save his child and whether the money he stole and the life he has built is more important.

But the things about "Kidnapped: 48 Hours of Terror", which I should mention is also known as "Elopement", is that with the family crisis comes a whole host of coincidences and revelations from no remains being found when the plane went down to the discovery of the plane eight years later. Of course we also have David, the cop brother, who is now a detective and as the bodies were never found has never let the case be put to bed. As such we do have some mystery as to what happened to Jamie but we also have a lot more contrivances such as abduction and forced subplots which when you think about things don't make a great deal of sense.

The thing is that "Kidnapped: 48 Hours of Terror" is a made for TV thriller for an audience who enjoy thrillers which are easy to watch and not too gritty. And to be honest if all you wanted was a visual distraction which doesn't tax you and almost makes you smile in a bad movie sort of way then this might just do it.

What this all boils down to is that truthfully "Kidnapped: 48 Hours of Terror" is not a good movie but its convoluted nature makes it almost entertaining in a bad movie sort of way.