Kill Rommel! (1969) starring Anton Diffring, Carl Parker, Pamela Tudor, Ugo Adinolfi directed by Alfonso Brescia Movie Review

Kill Rommel! (1969)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Kill Rommel! (1969)

Kill Me Now

English and American soldiers lead by Lieutenant Morris (Carl Parker) and Captain Howell (Anton Diffring) are forced join forces for an important mission to stifle the advancing Germans before they reach Alexandra. That mission is to kill Field Marshal Rommel but it is a hazardous mission as they not only have to deal with the enemy but also tension between Howell and Morris due to Mrs. Howell (Pamela Tudor).

I accept that those war movies made in the likes of Italy during the 60s are a niche market and not everyone will enjoy them but when it comes to "Kill Rommel!", well it even tries the patience of those who enjoy these sorts of movies. I am not just on about the usual issues which you expect from these types of movies such as bad acting, bad dialogue and even worse dubbing but I am on about more important things which I will keep you hanging for a bit as this movie offers little excitement so maybe this review will. To put it bluntly "Kill Rommel!" is not only one of the worst euro-war movies I have watched but one of the worst movies I have watched full stop.

The big issue with "Kill Rommel!" is that it doesn't have a great deal of story and so fills out the movie with subplots which have little and often no purpose when it comes to the main storyline. It gets to the point that you begin to wonder whether you are watching the right movie as it quickly goes off on a tangent and follows it up with another one. And then when it does focus on what the movie should be about it covers the same thing which other movies have shown. In fact much of "Kill Rommel!" feels like it has been lifted from other movies with some scenes playing out like for like.

What this all boils down to is that "Kill Rommel!" is a bad movie and the best thing I can say is that if you watched this as your first euro-war movie then there are a lot better movies out there so don't be completely put off by it.