Killer Mountain (2011) starring Emmanuelle Vaugier, Aaron Douglas, Paul Campbell, Andrew Airlie directed by Sheldon Wilson Movie Review

Killer Mountain (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Aaron Douglas in Killer Mountain (2011)

Rocky All the Way

Mega rich businessman Walter Burton (Andrew Airlee) had backed an expedition up a mountain in Bhutan, lead by experienced climber Kate (Emmanuelle Vaugier) which followed the route of an expedition from the 1950s where the climbers just disappeared. But it happens again as Kate and her group just seem to have disappeared so Burton tracks down Kate's boyfriend, climbing instructor Ward Donovan (Aaron Douglas) and persuades him to head up another expedition into the Bhutan mountains to find Kate and her climbing party. But with a make shift team, no time prepare and the locals leaving because their fear of a local legend it is dangerous before they even start their climb and it is going to get even more dangerous when they start as the weather and what they find up the mountain puts their lives in danger.

Once you've watched a few movies which you find on lesser channels late at night you begin to know what to expect and as such I would imagine most people who stumble across "Killer Mountain" can predict much of what happens well before it happens. As such when you read the set up that a group of climbers are heading to a mountain on a rescue mission, a mountain where people disappear, you already know that this means we have a group of people isolated and will be picked off one by one until we are down to just a couple of characters. In fact this is one of those movies that if you cared to write down the character names you could probably write a list of them in order that they are most likely going to meet their maker.

Crystal Lowe in Killer Mountain (2011)

But in fairness "Killer Mountain" can't be bad for just being obvious because so many other movies have that same sense of predictability but then you have what actually happens as we have this hastily put together climbing team on a rescue mission. Not only is the climbing uneventful but the dialogue is mundane at best and so right from the word go it is a struggle to stay interested in and that is even the case when the dialogue is utterly moronic and in a different movie would have amused for being so moronic.

Now I always like to look for something positive when it comes to these TV creature features but I can't and the special effects are terrible, from it looking false when ever we have shots supposedly taken up in the mountains to the monsters which they find lurking up there. Do you know what is a crying shame? If they had made this movie 50 years earlier it would have featured the stop animation work of Ray Harryhausen and that would have been a good movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Killer Mountain" is certainly not killer and like many a climb it is a slow slog but in this case lacking in excitement. Other than the likeability of some of the cast this has little to offer and sadly doesn't even become entertaining in a bad movie way.