Killer Photo (2015) (aka: Watch Your Back) AnnaLynne McCord, Mark Ghanimé, Gracyn Shinyei, Darla Taylor Movie Review

Killer Photo (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

AnnaLynne McCord in Killer Photo (2015) (aka: Watch Your Back)

Mrs. Smith

Life is ticking along quite nicely for Sarah Miller (AnnaLynne McCord - The Christmas Parade); she is doing well in a job she hasn't had that long, her assistant idolizes her and she has married a loving man with a young daughter. But it soon becomes apparent that someone has started to stalk her and her family with the chief suspect among many being her husband's first wife who wants custody of their daughter. But there are others including a neighbour who has a thing for Sarah's husband. With the police unable to do anything Sarah decides to take matters in to her own hands.

Spoiler alert, this review will contain a spoiler of sorts and as such if you don't want to know what happens in "Killer Photo", which is also known as "Watch Your Back", just watch it, you might be entertained. But before I get to the spoiler it has to be said that the first hour and a bit plays out in quite a predictable made for TV manner as we have a woman taking it upon herself to try and find out who is stalking her and as is usual there are various possibilities from a rival at work to the husband's ex wife. With the exception being that Sarah never seems to get fazed by the unfolding drama, more annoyed if anything.

So that brings me back to that spoiler and "Killer Photo" opens up with a murder before jumping forwards a couple of years. Now a made for TV movie starting with a murder is not that unusual but one which we quickly learn was a professional hit by an assassin working for a secret organization, that is a bit more unusual. Sounds far fetched but it certainly brings something different to this TV movie which right or wrong grabs your attention. Now I am not going to tell you exactly what is what but when you put 2 and 2 together, which you do before it is revealed, we begin to make sense of Sarah and the reason why she seems unfazed when giving chase and walking around with a gun in her hands. The thing is that whilst this gives it a twist on the norm it has the knock on effect of making "Killer Photo" incredibly far fetched.

What this all boils down to is that "Killer Photo" whilst certainly an entertaining made for TV movie it is also a seriously over the top one which makes you smile for being pretty out there for a TV movie.