Killing Moon (2000) starring Kim Coates, Daniel Baldwin, Penelope Ann Miller, Daniel Kash, Denis Akiyama, Tracey Cook, Christopher Bolton directed by John Bradshaw Movie Review

Killing Moon (2000)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Penelope Ann Miller in Killing Moon (2000)

Laughs on a Plane

Just as a passenger is about to board a plane his friend croaks it in the airports washroom after developing a cough. The passenger hides his friend 's body and proceeds to board the plane although shortly after take off he becomes ill, coughs up blood all over a pilot and croaks. A doctor on board fears that there is some rapidly spreading virus on the plane and says they must contact the CBC to warn them. Frank Conroy (Daniel Baldwin - Vampires) a boss at the NSC takes control of the situation with the help of doctor Laura Chadwick (Penelope Ann Miller - The Relic) but it seems that Frank has ulterior motives other than the safety of the passengers.

In the opening few scenes of "Killing Moon" we witness the man with the less than subtle cough croak in the bathroom and then a few minutes later his friend croak on the plane not before coughing up blood over the pilot. These scenes are as subtle as a brick and pretty much lowers any expectations as to what will follow, that is if you had any expectations to start with as this made for TV movie which has made it on to DVD looks low budget even before you put it on.

Daniel Baldwin in Killing Moon (2000)

Anyway as to the movie itself, well I guess someone thought it would be a good idea to have a plane put in peril by a quick spreading virus which knocks out the pilots but it is ridiculous, not just the quick spreading virus but the entire sick pilot thing as well. Just as ridiculous is the fact a passenger has flown a Cessna before whilst we also have the seemingly nefarious activities of Frank Conroy back on land. There is not much more to it other than the typical aspect of a mismatch bunch of passengers who deal with things in different ways with Kim Coates playing the a-hole passenger who is selfish and negative and well you know the sort of character.

Talking of Kim Coates "Killing Moon" does have some familiar names such as Daniel Baldwin and Penelope Ann Miller but most of the movie focuses on the characters who are played by actors who frankly I have never heard off. Not that these actors are called on to do much other than play some stereotypes and not laugh when delivering the lines.

What this all boils down to is that "Killing Moon" is the sort of low budget movie it looks like and as such isn't very good. But if you want something which will make you laugh with some terrible dialogue and even worse plot then find a cheap copy and give it a go.