Last Chance Cafe (2006) Kevin Sorbo, Kate Vernon, Jessica Amlee, John Novak, Samantha Ferris, Scott Hylands, Rachel Hayward, Ken Tremblett, Jay Brazeau Movie Review

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Kevin Sorbo and Kate Vernon in Last Chance Cafe (2006

Vernon Takes a Chance on Sorbo

It is during her father's funeral, a cop, that Hallie Boyer (Kate Vernon - Knights of the South Bronx) is approached by an old friend of her father's with some thing he was told to show Hallie if the day came. It turns out that a group of corrupt cops along with Paul (John Novak - Faultline), her former husband, who is also the DA, were responsible for her father's death. Fearing for hers and her daughter, Kiley's (Jessica Amlee - Absolute Zero), lives, Hallie decides they should flee town before Paul realises that she knows the truth of what he did. Making it to a small town Hallie finds herself constantly looking over her shoulder in case Paul tracks her down but she also finds herself falling for Chance Coulter (Kevin Sorbo - Rodeo Girl), a handsome rancher and all round nice guy.

I wonder when an actor like Kevin Sorbo reads a script he thinks haven't I seen this before or just thinks, easy money. I say that because "Last Chance Cafe" reminded me of a dozen or more made for TV movies where an abused wife is fleeing from her horrible husband, some times with a kid in tow, and finding herself in a small town where she finds romance with a nice guy. I could go on mentioning more similarities as whilst in "Last Chance Cafe" the wife isn't abused the fact her former husband is involved with the law is just as typical as the new romance involving a nice guy rancher who all the locals like.

So basically there isn't much originality in "Last Chance Cafe" but it doesn't need it as the simple storyline of a woman finding love with a nice guy in a small town where everyone is friendly is simply pleasant. And making "Last Chance Cafe" so pleasant is the likeable Kevin Sorbo who delivers that charm, easy going nature and also that good guy element which you know when he has to he would be willing to throw a punch to protect someone. There is also Kate Vernon who is just as likeable as Hallie but it is because of Kevin Sorbo’s natural performance as a reliable, nice guy which makes "Last Chance Cafe" entertaining even in the inevitable scenes where it throws some cheesy romance at us.

What this all boils down to is that "Last Chance Cafe" features just a minor deviation from a routine woman on the run storyline. But it works in an easy to watch sort of way thanks to Kevin Sorbo delivering that nice guy performance he does so well.