´╗┐ Lava Storm (2008) Ian Ziering, ValÚrie Valois, Vlasta Vrana, Nicole Maillet, Adrien Dixon Movie Review

Lava Storm (2008)   2/52/52/52/52/5

ValÚrie Valois and Ian Ziering in Lava Storm (2008)

Cheesy Lava

When his mother died, leaving his father, Mike (Vlasta Vrana - Crimes of Passion), all alone, John Wilson (Ian Ziering - Sharknado 5: Global Swarming) and his wife, Lori (Val├ęrie Valois), along with their two teenage children leave New York City for John's hometown to run the County Emergency Center. But the return home has put strain on all their relationships especially between John and Lori. That is until one day, whilst their children discover a strong smell of sulphur in an old mine, John and Lori spot an unprecedented number of forest fires. When things start getting rapidly worse John suspects there is volcanic activity going on and they are not only going to have to work together to save themselves but also save the local communities when the lava starts flowing.

Maybe it is just me but there are a certain type of movie which when I watch because I expect them to be bad and those tend to be made for TV disaster movies. Not only does the limited budget tend to cause issues when it comes to the special effects but also the plots are usually riddled with holes. It is certainly the case when it comes to "Lava Storm" which like so many of these made for TV disaster movies seems to have picked ideas and cliches from other disaster movies and tossed them together but only in the most routine of ways as we have a family in danger and a city threatened by a river of lava.

But here is the thing, "Lava Storm" lived down to my expectations and that in truth is what I wanted. I wanted it to be a movie which would make me chuckle and groan for being cliche and cheesy which is what this did with its spoor special effects and numerous contrivances. I wanted to laugh at the acting and the dialogue which is again what I did with cheesy lines delivered in an expected OTT manner. And I wanted to have a laugh when at some point we would have the family coming up with some hair brained idea on how to save the local community from the lava storm.

What this all boils down to is that "Lava Storm" is a bad movie but that is exactly what I was expecting and I am sure many who come across it would be expecting the same. So whilst "Lava Storm" is a bad movie it is a case for many it will be entertaining for being as bad and as corny as they expect.