Lethal Beauty (2018) (aka: No Good Deed | Sorority Stalker) Haley Webb, Haley Pullos, Christel Khalil, Sandra Bailey, Lilan Bowden, Travis Caldwell, Bryce Durfee Movie Review

Lethal Beauty (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Haley Webb in Lethal Beauty (2018) (aka: No Good Deed | Sorority Stalker)

Twisted Sister

Whilst on the way to the health spa she runs, Aya (Haley Webb - Unwritten Obsession) bumps in to Taryn (Haley Pullos - A Royal Christmas Ball) who she discovers has moved to LA to be with her boyfriend except having shown up he has dumped her. She also discovers that they are sorority sisters and so does the sisterly thing by not only allowing Taryn to move in to her beautiful home but also involving her in her life. Whilst Aya learns that Taryn was a foster child what she doesn't know is that Taryn is desperate to have the family she always wanted as a child and is capable of anything, including murder, to try and get that family.

I reckon if I got a phone call from a producer of Lifetime movies offering me a roll, I know that will never happen, the first thing I would ask is am I the obsessed character or the victim. You see that set up is so familiar that to be honest it gets a bit tedious when you start watching yet another movie with an obsessed character that wants things her way, gets moody when things don't go her way and is capable of murder to get things her way. And yes that is what you get in "Lethal Beauty", a movie which has not one name but three as it is also called "No Good Deed" and "Sorority Stalker". The trouble is that we learn so early on in "Lethal Beauty" that Taryn is dangerous and obsessed that there is little in the way of intrigue in the movie. Even a few flashbacks to a child setting fire to a home is not that intriguing either.

So what does this mean? Well it means that "Lethal Beauty" ends up one of those movies which doesn't draw you in with the twists, there area few, but it does want you to find both Haley Webb and Haley Pullos attractive. And yes they are with both characters having a certain visual appeal whilst both play their parts well. But there is nothing about the characters in "Lethal Beauty" to make this stand out from the crowd.

What this all boils down to is that "Lethal Beauty" isn't a bad Lifetime movie but it is an extremely routine one which features a delusional young woman who is capable of murder to have things the way she wants.