Lethal Seduction (2005) (aka: Heartless) starring Melanie Griffith, Esai Morales, Marcus Lyle Brown, Robb Conner directed by Robert Markowitz Movie Review

Lethal Seduction (2005)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Melanie Griffith in Lethal Seduction (2005) (aka: Heartless)

Griffith's Legally Blonde

Lawyer Miranda Wells (Melanie Griffith) has made a nice little living for herself, not only in the courts but by defrauding poor immigrants who need a Green card. She also has a thing for men and she doesn't mind whether they're young, old or loaded as long as they satisfy her needs in one way or another. But Miranda's activities have raised suspicions, firstly through her assistant Carla (Lidia Porto) who has been collecting evidence on her boss's fraudulent dealings and then through investigative journalist David Lopez (Esai Morales) who goes undercover to work for her only to end up falling for her seductive charms, except those who cross Miranda end up in unfortunate and often fatal accidents.

It's amazing how the mind can play tricks on you, when I went to watch "Lethal Seduction" I did so because I saw it starred Melanie Griffith who I loved in "Working Girl". Yet a few minutes in and already thinking why am I bothering I looked through Griffith's filmography and realised out of all the movies I have seen her in only a few impressed me. And I hate to say this but by the time "Lethal Seduction" was over I was wondering whether or not I would bother with another movie which Griffith starred in. In fairness the faults with "Lethal Seduction" are not just down to Griffith and in a way she was the wrong choice for the movie, failing to convince as a top lawyer but her performance doesn't help with what feels like a Marilyn Monroe rip off doing your head in.

Esai Morales in Lethal Seduction (2005) (aka: Heartless)

But then there is the styling and "Lethal Seduction" is desperately trying to be film noir as we get served up the narration of reporter David Lopez as he over descriptively goes on about what Miranda is up to. It is all incredibly banal and whilst I never heard him say "she was one hell of a dame" I wouldn't have been surprised if it was in there as this seriously stinks of desperation when it comes to trying to be some thing.

As for the story of Miranda Wells being a deadly, seductive lawyer and David Lopez the undercover journalist who becomes too involved, well it is riddled with plot holes. It is also incredibly hard to concentrate on due to the styling and acting which at times makes this feel like a comedy with scenes which even make it feel like a spoof of "Basic Instinct".

What this all boils down to is that "Lethal Seduction" is poor, there is no hiding from it, with its over the top performances and forced styling. It almost feels like it is going for comedy but none of what is amusing seems to be intentional.