Lies Gone Viral (2018) (aka: Web of Lies) Shoshana Bush, Spencer Neville, Sarah Fischer, Kris Sidberry, Lance A. Williams, Paul McCallion Movie Review

Lies Gone Viral (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Sarah Fischer and Shoshana Bush in Lies Gone Viral (2018) (aka: Web of Lies)

Social Media Stalker

Whitney (Shoshana Bush - Dance Flick) is an instagramer, in fact she is a social media influencer, but having started to yearn for a new beginning decides to leave LA and return to Boston, not only her home town but also to the house she grew up in with her sister Meghan (Sarah Fischer - The Spruces and the Pines). And all seems great having returned home, especially after meeting Mike (Spencer Neville - High School Possession) her neighbour who is a handyman and who cares for his elderly mother. But Meghan is not convinced that Mike is as nice as he seems especially when she witnesses his erratic behaviour and the fact that back in LA her sister had to deal with stalkers. When Whitney's career takes a nose dive and Meghan goes missing she must work out what is going on and whether or not Mike is involved.

Considering I make my living working online I am not a huge fan of social media, there is so much fakeness which goes on that it gets pretty pointless being involved in it. And that is one thing you get to see in "Lies Gone Viral", which is also known as "Web of Lies", as we get to watch Whitney record little messages to her followers where she pushes, I mean promotes, products in an extremely enthusiastic and fake manner. It isn't just the little videos which show the fakeness and we get to meet other social media stars who are all on the phoney side of normal.

The thing is that get beyond the whole set up of social media influencers and what we have in "Lies Gone Viral" is just another play on the whole deranged stalker storyline who likes to threaten. As such we see how Whitney, already a little nervous from a previous stalker, falls for a nice guy but then has to deal with some strange stuff going on in her life, including a colleague being killed. Then we have Whitney's sister who turns amateur detective and that can only mean one thing, there will be trouble ahead. The one good thing about all this is that we don't know for sure whether Mike is a good guy or bad guy and Spencer Neville plays him nicely enough to cause doubt to take seed in your mind.

What this all boils down to is that "Lies Gone Viral" is another okay made for TV movie which in fairness does a nice job of not revealing everything in one go. But this is another movie which throws us with a stalker and some danger, which means for all the attractive actors it is pretty ordinary.