Linda (1993) starring Virginia Madsen, Richard Thomas, Ted McGinley, Laura Harrington, T.E. Russell directed by Nathaniel Gutman Movie Review

Linda (1993)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Richard Thomas in Linda (1993)

Fatale Instinct

Paul (Richard Thomas) and Linda Cowley (Virginia Madsen) soon became friends with their new neighbours Brandon 'Jeff' (Ted McGinley) and Stella Jeffries (Laura Harrington) as it turns out that Paul and Brandon work for the same company. They become so close that they end up going on holiday together. What neither Paul nor Stella realises is that Linda and Brandon are having an affair behind their backs. But when one of them ends up shot dead it is Paul who finds himself charged with the murder despite being innocent and now having to find some way of proving his innocence.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that because I watch many more movies than the average person I become more alert to things in them that some people might miss. The trouble is that when I spot them it is impossible for me to ignore them and they can make or break a movie. It is these things which unfortunately for me keep "Linda" just an okay movie despite having some good performances with Virginia Madsen doing dangerously sexy whilst Richard Thomas shows once again he is more than just John-Boy Walton.

Virginia Madsen in Linda (1993)

Now "Linda" is a movie of its era as we have a sexy thriller with various aspects which reminded me of "Consenting Adults" and "Basic Instinct". Those aspects range from the soundtrack to the sun drenched rooms and of course several scenes which attempt to be sexy with the actresses in both lingerie and swimwear, especially Virginia Madsen showing off her legs in high cut lingerie. But it isn't really that sexy, just throws some stereotypical looking scenes at us to try and create that image.

But in truth "Linda" is not about the sex it is about nice guy Paul ending up stitched up for a murder, now I won't say who dies but 30 minutes in and the movie has laid its cards on the table as to what is going on and who the bad guys are even if a motive hasn't been presented. The trouble is that during those 30 minutes there has been lots of unsubtle clue dropping from being told that Paul is a clever man who can work out how to do things to in many ways his wife being too hot for the frankly nice but ordinary Paul. There is more and like other thrillers of the time this also includes some far fetched aspects reminiscent of "The Fugitive" as Paul sets about clearing his name.

What this all boils down to is that "Linda" is entertaining but is extremely derivative and as you watch you find yourself thinking of the many similar movies which came out during the early 90s whilst having to deal with a bucket load of clue dropping.