Living with the Enemy (2005) Sarah Lancaster, Mark Humphrey, David McIlwraith, Maxim Roy, Andrew Johnston, Angela Galuppo, Susan Glover Movie Review

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Mark Humphrey and Sarah Lancaster in Living with the Enemy (2005)

So I Married a Ruthless Businessman

Attending an IT conference as PA to the spiteful Bev (Maxim Roy - Hidden Agenda), Allison (Sarah Lancaster - Christmas in the Smokies) finds herself being swept off her feet by Phillip Lauder (Mark Humphrey - I'll Be Seeing You), a billionaire software developer, who after just a few dates proposes. But having married Phillip, Allison discovers life is very different living in his mansion which is full of security whilst also having to deal with his controlling sister Tonya (Susan Glover) who is less than welcoming towards her. But she also has to deal with what she doesn't know as she is approached by the FBI who are suspicious over Phillip's business practices as those who are a threat to him end up dead. Realising she knows little about the man she married Allison starts snooping around but in doing so puts herself in danger.

A young bride who married a billionaire after a whirlwind romance discovers that his success may have come from a hidden and not too pleasant past. That doesn't sound the most original of ideas and to be honest "Living with the Enemy" isn't the most original of thrillers. In fact with it being a made for TV movie a lack of originality is not the only problem which keeps it running at best as just an okay thriller. But the thing is that "Living with the Enemy" is thrilling because it does one thing right and that is present us with a lot of possibilities as the story progresses and the mystery thickens. It means that when we eventually discover the truth it isn't plucked out of the air but has managed to keep us guessing. It is just a shame that the plot has a few too many contrivances and holes to work as a truly decent thriller.

Susan Glover in Living with the Enemy (2005)

Right from the start you have to go with the flow when it comes to "Living with the Enemy" especially when it comes to the whirlwind romance between Phillip and Allison. In fairness this quick romance is really just a way to have Allison married to Phillip and knowing next to nothing about the man who whisked her off her feet. But even so a proposal after just a few days and a couple of dates is one of those unbelievable things you have to accept. There are more issues to follow such as the fact that Allison discovers that Phillip's home has security and surveillance everywhere yet she uses the home phone to make secret calls. It is these things which end up spoiling the movie and if only they had been worked out in a more complete manner then "Living with the Enemy" could have been better than just okay.

But "Living with the Enemy" does do that one thing very right and it gives us possibilities as we learn that someone is playing God and getting rid of threats. There is Phillip who at times sounds ruthless and acts creepy and there is his controlling sister Tonya who is less than welcoming towards Allison. Then there is Houston, Phillip's right hand man who basically runs the business plus there is the security guard who is always watching Allison. Each of these people could be behind the killings but we also question whether the woman who says she is FBI is really who she says she is. And so when everything finally comes out in the open and we discover who the ruthless person is behind the murder of rivals and threats it is more believable because unlike so many TV movies it isn't plucked out of thin air.

What this all boils down to is that "Living with the Enemy" has the basis for a good thriller and if more time had been taken to flesh out the contrivances then it would have been an above average TV movie. But because there are too many contrivances and plot holes "Living with the Enemy" sadly ends up only okay.