Locke (2013) Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Ben Daniels Movie Review

Locke (2013)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Tom Hardy in Locke (2013)

Road to Nowhere

As Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is leaving the construction site where he is due to manage the biggest project of his life he receives a telephone call. It leads to Ivan going on a 2 hour journey to London from Birmingham and forced to make a series of calls to his wife, his children, his friends and his work colleagues as he has to explain why he won't be home tonight or at work in the morning. As he does so his normally in control life spirals out of control all the time he tries to keep things calm and in perspective.

I reckon the alternative title to "Locke" should be "When the Shit Hits the Fan" because that is what we watch, Ivan Locke's 2 hour drive where having made a mistake and then made a decision to do what he feels is the right thing the proverbial shit hits the fan. We watch as he tells his wife what he has done and then having to explain to his work colleagues and all the time having his sanity questioned over what he has done and what he has decided to do having put everything he has created and worked for in jeopardy.

Now I am torn by "Locke" because once again Tom Hardy shows what a friggin' talented actor he is doing what so few actors these days could do and that is act an entire movie from the drivers seat of a car and make it compelling. Hardy brings to life the complicated character of Locke, a good man who is patient and pays attention to the details but is kind of dull in his rule following yet comical in being dull. In a way Locke has a touch of the Alan Partridge about him in his way he corrects people he talks to and you do find yourself captivated by this strange character.

And it isn't just Tom Hardy who delivers as there are some good performances from the variety of actors who play the people who Locke speaks to on his phone. Each of these actors and actresses bring to life their characters and the situation so for example you can picture Locke's wife Katrina, played by Ruth Wilson, in her bedroom with the lights off trying to deal with the revelation of what he has told her whilst their children are down stairs oblivious to the crisis which is unfolding.

But for all which I enjoy about "Locke" there is one thing which I am not entirely sure I like and that is we are told what is going on, why Locke is leaving and heading to London. I won't tell you why despite it making it clear early on and I wonder whether keeping the reason why Ivan decides to head to London a mystery would have made this so much more compelling although admittedly it would have changed things majorly to do so.

What this all boils down to is that "Locke" is definitely entertaining and once again Tom Hardy highlights what a great actor he is. In fact "Locke" maybe one of the most compelling roadtrip movies you will ever watch whilst also one of the most minimal.