Look Who's Talking (1989) John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Olympia Dukakis, George Segal, Abe Vigoda, Bruce Willis Movie Review

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John Travolta in Look Who's Talking (1989)

Are you thinkin' what he's thinkin'?

Mollie (Kirstie Alley), an accountant, has been having an affair with Albert (George Segal), a prominent and married client. But like so many married men who have affairs he keeps on telling Mollie he is going to leave his wife for her but never does. Things become complicated when Mollie ends up pregnant and finds herself very much on her own when she catches Albert kissing his interior designer in a ladies changing room. When Mollie goes in to labour it is James (John Travolta), a cabbie, who ends up not only rushing her to hospital but being by her side through out. It leads to a bit of a love hate relationship as James ends up helping Mollie with her son Mikey by babysitting a couple of nights with Mikey really loving James. Trouble is that Mollie can't see that clearly James is a great guy who would be a great husband and father because he is a bit too laid back.

It is strange how the mind can play tricks on you especially when it comes to movies as I remember "Look Who's Talking" when it first came out and I am convinced it was a lot more entertaining than it was when I recently got to watch it again. It isn't that "Look Who's Talking" has suddenly become a bad movie as it definitely hasn't but watched now I suddenly realised that there wasn't very much to the movie at all and I kind of wonder how it lead to a couple of sequels. Of course my tastes have changed over the years and I definitely want something different to what I did when I was a teenager back in 1989 but still "Look Who's Talking" came up a little short on what I remembered.

Kirstie Alley in Look Who's Talking (1989)

You see "Look Who's Talking" really has just 3 things. The first of these is the combo of Bruce Willis giving us the voice of Mikey and who ever it was who came up with his dialogue and it is still the most amusing part of the movie. From Mikey in the womb tripping out on pain killers which Mollie is given during labour to his inner thoughts when he comes across a woman with big breasts it is what drives the movie. The second thing is John Travolta dropping those vintage looks with those blue eyes and that smile combined with that coifed hair giving it plenty of laid back charm as if this was Danny Zuko having become a taxi driver. And it works even now although it does make you realise how much John Travolta has changed in the last 25 years.

The third thing is of course Kirstie Alley and this is kind of where the movie let me down as Alley is lovely at Mollie, and she has some fun lines when it comes to being exasperated by James. But the whole storyline which sees her not seeing how right James is for her whilst holding out for Albert ends up incredibly weak. In truth no matter how much I love George Segal it just felt kind of wrong that you have the sensible Mollie ending up with this older married man.

What this all boils down to is that "Look Who's Talking" still delivers on some of what made it entertaining as in the voice work of Bruce Willis and John Travolta doing what he did so well back then. But having watched "Look Who's Talking" again it just didn't have the entertaining storyline I thought it had.