Looking for Mr. Right (2014) Sarah Lancaster, Kip Pardue, Brandon Quinn, Katy Stoll, Marcia Strassman, Vivica A. Fox, Patrick Quinlan, Kim Hawthorne Movie Review

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Sarah Lancaster in Looking for Mr. Right (2014)

Not the Right Movie

Annie Butler (Sarah Lancaster - Christmas in the Smokies) is an aspiring writer with dreams of one day becoming a published author, but for now she makes ends meet in the soul destroying job of writing user manuals. To make matters worse her so called boyfriend is cheating on her and her sister has just got engaged. In desperation she buys a self help book which teaches you to envision what you want and write it down. It leads to Annie writing a fictional novel about her romance with George, her dream man, and lo and behold when a publisher reads it they want to publish it. The trouble is that the publisher thinks George is real and wants Annie and George to promote the book, so they hire an actor to play the part of George. But things get messy as Annie, having envisioned meeting her George, meets George (Kip Pardue - Holiday Road Trip), a handsome realtor, but then she also runs into Henry (Brandon Quinn), a friend from High School who turns out to be better suited to Annie than George.

I like Hallmark romantic comedies, I would never suggest that they are great romantic comedies but as a way to pass the time of an afternoon they usually serve their purpose. I said usually and unfortunately "Looking for Mr. Right" just didn't do it for me as it basically feels rushed, churned out in a production line sort of way. Don't get me wrong as it is still kind of entertaining but where as some Hallmark romantic comedies lead me to want to watch them again "Looking for Mr. Right" doesn't.

The trouble is that all the opportunities to have some real fun with the story line are ignored and slimmed back to just the simple confusion of Annie wanting to meet her ideal man George but getting close to Henry who thinks George is real. In fact "George is real" is the concept of "Looking for Mr. Right" from the book publisher thinking George is real, to hiring an actor to play George and so on. But none of it sparkles it just flits from one scene to the next without making a great deal of impact. Even the usually reliable Sarah Lancaster struggles to make this cute fun.

What this all boils down to is that "Looking for Mr. Right" is sadly a Hallmark movie which doesn't quite meet their usual standards. It is still fun and sort of worth catching if it appears on the TV schedule but not one you will feel a burning desire to watch more than just the once.