Loser's End (1935) Jack Perrin, Tina Menard, Frank Rice, William Gould Movie Review

Loser's End (1935)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jack Perrin in Loser's End (1935)

A Loser Movie

Heroic Jack (Jack Perrin) finds himself in trouble when he goes after Bill Meeker and his gang of outlaws fortunately for him Don Carlos Delgardo (Elias Lazaroff) comes to his rescue. Together along with the lovely Lolita (Tina Menard) they go after the outlaws.

When ever I watch once of these old, 1930's westerns I try to be sympathetic to them as it appears what passed as entertainment back then was very different to what passes now. But even trying to be sympathetic "Loser's End" is a real loser of a movie which is so bad it isn't even entertaining in a bad way. It gets off to a bad start when we meet Jack who tells his partner "I don't need a nurse maid or a Dr. Watson, I'm gonna be my own Sherlock Holmes on this mission" and not only does Jack Perrin just say the line with no emotion you wonder to yourself how hard the writer patted himself on the back for coming up with that.

The thing is that the rest of "Loser's End" is just as bad as what we get is actors just saying their lines, poorly written lines, footage of people riding horses and then a punch up or two. The upshot of this is that every joke, such as Amos using words he thinks sound Mexican end up falling terribly flat as none of the actors come across as acting, they just say the lines as if they are reading them.

What this all boils down to is that "Loser's End" even when you take in to consideration when it was made is a poor western with the actors basically telephoning their performances in.