Love Always, Santa (2016) Marguerite Moreau, Mike Faiola, Isadora Swann Movie Review

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Love Always, Santa (2016)

The Mystery Santa Writer

Ever since her husband passed away Celia (Marguerite Moreau) has devoted her life to being mum to Lily (Isadora Swann) and young Lily can see that the spark her mum once had has gone. It is why when she writes her letter to Santa she doesn't ask for anything for herself but asks for her mum to find her spark once again. Jake (Mike Faiola) a writer of children's books has agreed to respond to letters sent to Santa which come through his local sorting office and is touched when he reads Lily's letter, writing a sweet letter back to her. When Celia reads the lovely letter she ends up writing back and starts corresponding with Jake. But when the letters stop arriving Jake decides to find Celia and Lily, trouble is when he does they don't know he was the one responding to Santa's letters.

I've said this before; when it comes to Hallmark Christmas movies there are those which genuinely fill you with the warmth and spirit of Christmas whilst others feel like they are just normal Hallmark movies packaged up in some tinsel and bows. Despite a set up which involves writing a letter to Santa this is how "Love Always, Santa" comes across for the simple reason the focus is not on Christmas but on the romance and mystery especially when as part of a book promotion tour Jake ends up in the town where the letters came from. Don't get me wrong as "Love Always, Santa" is a cute little Hallmark movie but not one which really works the magic of Christmas side of things.

But as I said "Love Always, Santa" works and ticks many of those boxes when it comes to Hallmark movies. There is a wholesome side to things whilst it is also incredibly pleasant, or should that be romantically sweet. Plus of course it features a pleasant cast with Marguerite Moreau and Mike Faiola doing a nice job of bringing warmth to their characters although both are out shone by young and enthusiastic Isadora Swann.

What this all boils down to is that "Love Always, Santa" is a fun little Hallmark movie but as a Hallmark Christmas movie it doesn't really fill you with the joys of the festive season as well as some others do.

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