Love in Paradise (2015) Luke Perry, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Tom Butler, Ona Grauer, Chad Willet, Matt Frewer Movie Review

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Emmanuelle Vaugier and Luke Perry in Love in Paradise (2015)

A Goodnight for a Ranch Romance

Heather Twain (Emmanuelle Vaugier - The Wedding Chapel) and her father run a beautiful ranch which has been a dude ranch for many years. But is now struggling to drum up business and has become a target for a local business man who wants to buy it. So in order to drum up business Heather gets in touch with the manager of Avery Ford (Luke Perry - Welcome Home), a western movie star, to have him come and promote the ranch for a weekend. But whilst Avery may be a popular western movie star he is no cowboy in real life, much to the annoyance of Heather especially when he suffers a bang to the head when he falls from a horse and is forced to stay at the ranch for a week to recuperate.

I wonder how much the producers of movies such as "Love in Paradise" pay their location scouts because these people are the unsung heroes of these movies. In the case of this made for TV movie not only have they found the most amazing looking house which looks like it has been part of the landscape for years but they have found the most picturesque spot of land where the mist comes down of the tree laden hills. It is the sort of imagery which makes you contemplate leaving your couch and looking for something similar.

Luke Perry in Love in Paradise (2015)

Now with such a beautiful backdrop you need a beautiful cast and "Love in Paradise" has it in the pairing of Luke Perry and Emmanuelle Vaugier you have a lot of visual appeal. That isn't to say that either of them have been chosen purely for their looks as Perry is entertaining as the western star who is certainly no cowboy whilst Vaugier is convincing as a daughter of a rancher with her combatitive spirit but their looks are a big part of creating this vision of what life on a ranch would be like.

And that I suppose leaves just the storyline to "Love in Paradise" but in truth it doesn't leave much as once again Hallmark have delved in to their bag of movie cliches and given us another romance on a struggling ranch drama. There is nothing wrong with doing that as I enjoyed "Love in Paradise" as much as I enjoyed any of the countless other TV movies which have used the same themes but it does mean it is the sort of movie you watch knowing what is going to happen even before you have started watching it.

What this all boils down to is that "Love in Paradise" is just another Hallmark Channel movie which delivers the familiar romance on a struggling ranch drama. But whilst it offers up little in the way of surprises it does offer up the look and the light hearted fun which is as much a part of what this movie is about as the actual storyline.