Love on the Air (2015) Alison Sweeney, Jonathan Scarfe, Crystal Balint, David Lewis, Vincent Gale, Darla Taylor, Nicole Oliver Movie Review

Love on the Air (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Alison Sweeney in Love on the Air (2015)

Love & Loathing Live on Air

Radio show host Sonia (Alison Sweeney - Christmas at Holly Lodge), whilst trying to be supportive of her business focused boyfriend, begins working at a new station where Nick (Jonathan Scarfe - Christmas Solo), a rival presenter, works. Sonia and Nick have never met but with Sonia's shows being all about empowering women whilst Nick's show is about men being men, the two are well aware of each others shows and opposing views. After Sonia ends up being dumped live on air things take a strange turn as she ends up opening up to Nick about her feelings oblivious to the fact he is her on air nemesis. After they end up bickering live on air Sonia and Nick end up having to do a regular show together. But maybe these two have more in common than they realise.

"Love on the Air" may make some think of a Katherine Heigl & Gerard Butler movie, for others it may take them further back in time to the days of Doris Day & Rock Hudson and I am sure others will find themselves thinking about various other romantic comedies which they have seen over the years. And there is a simple reason for this, "Love on the Air" is a Hallmark romantic comedy which trades on antagonistic opposites attracting, something which has been done so many times in movies that it makes this a movie you watch but you sort of don't as you know where it is going to go before it even starts.

Jonathan Scarfe in Love on the Air (2015)

What this really means is that "Love on the Air" ends up a movie driven by the actors and their characters although again these characters are extremely typical. On one hand we have Alison Sweeney delivering the uptight but likeable Sonia and on the other you have Jonathan Scarfe delivering a man's man but one which you sense has a more sensitive side. I suppose what I am saying is that Alison Sweeney and Jonathan Scarfe are good in their roles but because their roles are so typical they are not overly memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "Love on the Air" is entertaining in that sense it plays to the Hallmark formula and as such if you enjoy Hallmark movies you will enjoy this. But there isn't anything stand out special about it which would make you think to yourself that one day you will need to watch "Love on the Air" again.