Love You Like Christmas (2016) Bonnie Somerville, Brennan Elliott, Madison Brydges, Preciouse Chong Movie Review

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Bonnie Somerville in Love You Like Christmas (2016)

Hallmark Takes us to Christmas Valley

Career focused marketing executive, Maddie Duncan (Bonnie Somerville - Holiday Engagement), use to love Christmas but over the years Christmas has become a time to come up with big advertising campaigns rather than anything else. But on her way to a client's wedding, just before Christmas, she has car trouble in Christmas Valley and it forces her to spend time in this town in the middle of nowhere where everyone really loves Christmas. Not only does she meet Kevin Tyler (Brennan Elliott - Christmas Encore), a single dad who runs a Christmas tree farm, but she starts to fall in love with Christmas.

Feeling a bit like the proverbial broken record, "Love You Like Christmas" is one of those Hallmark Christmas movies which puts the emphasis on delivering the Christmas look rather than delivering something new and different to the norm. As such this storyline which sees the big city girl end up in a small town where she ends up falling for the single dad who has a cute daughter is pretty predictable. And of course with Maddie being involved in marketing not only does she get to use her expertise to help someone but there is that bit of chalk and cheese going on as Maddie focuses on Christmas as a business opportunity whilst Kevin is more traditional.

Brennan Elliott in Love You Like Christmas (2016)

But whilst "Love You Like Christmas" is as obvious as they come it delivers on the look of a Hallmark Christmas movie with bows, holly, lights, trees and lots of snow. Some might say that the look is as cliche as the storyline but as I have said before it is as much about the look which makes a Hallmark Christmas movie as the story and fans of these feel good romantic movies will enjoy the decorations and the warmth of hot cocoa in front of a log fire. Fans will also like the look and appeal that you get when you combine Bonnie Somerville and Brennan Elliott as they have a certain warmth even if it is as cliche as everything else in this movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Love You Like Christmas" is routine from start to finish be it the storyline, the characters and even the look. Whilst that doesn't make "Love You Like Christmas" the most memorable of Christmas movies it does deliver the feel and look of a Hallmark Christmas movie which in some ways is just as important.

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