Love You to Death (2015) Bree Williamson, Emilija Baranac, Jill Morrinson, Mike Dopud, Primo Allon, Lisa Paxton Movie Review

Love You to Death (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Bree Williamson in Love You to Death (2015)

A Routine Defense

As a child Yasmine (Bree Williamson - A Mother Betrayed) witnessed her mum's health suffer following a fall down the stairs during an argument with Yasmine's father, an event which not only drove a wedge between Yasmine and her father but having grown up to become a district attorney led to her getting a restraining order against him. It is through her work that Yasmine finds herself dealing with a case which reminds her of her own mother's death causing her to not only suffer painful flashbacks but she loses the case as someone has paid the jury to claim that they were tapped up by Yasmine. Forced to take time off from work, Yasmine returns to her hometown with her daughter to spend some time with her sister. But not only does Yasmine find her self occupied with working on the case but also has a fight on her hand when the man who bought the jury comes after her, her family and also her friends.

The formula for a TV movie often seems to be a female character with some sort of traumatic back story and then make sure by the end of the movie what she has been up to has led to her life and the lives of those close to her ending up in danger. Yes that does sound basic but many of these movies end up being more entertaining when trying to to work out how all the pieces will end up connecting come the end of the movie. This certainly the case when it come to "Love You to Death" because for the first half of this made for TV movie we meet various characters whilst the whole time it establishes the man who Yasmine was trying to prove guilty is dangerous and as such it would take a miracle for "Love You to Death" to deliver anything close to a surprise.

So what are all those pieces I mentioned? Well we have Yasmine holding her dad responsible for her mother's death and because of that she suffers from blackouts when ever she has flashbacks or thinks she sees him. We have her sister's handsome, widowed neighbour, the nice guy, who happens to be a psychiatrist and who takes a shine to Yasmine, patiently trying to help her resolve her conflict over her father. And of course there is a bad guy who will cause the danger. It doesn't take a genius to work out the most likely way "Love You to Death" is going to end, an end where various conflicts get sorted, yes Yasmine is able to find closure and move on with her life.

What this all boils down to is that "Love You to Death" is nothing more than a regular TV movie, a case of issues and danger followed by a happy ever after ending. Compared to many other made for TV movies "Love You to Death" isn't bad but it certainly doesn't break any new ground when it comes to storyline and characters.