Loving Evangeline (1999) Nick Mancuso, Kelly Rowan, Shari Belafonte, Winston Rekert, Eugene Robert Glazer, Tom Haney Movie Review

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Nick Mancuso in Loving Evangeline (1999)

Love & Duplicity

Tech businessman Robert Cannon (Nick Mancuso - Let Me Call You Sweetheart) receives a double dose of bad news when first a competitor is rumoured to be launching a competing product ahead of them but his brother, having returned to where they grew up to speak to the manager of their factory, is killed in a suspected boating accident. Having returned home to deal with things he meets Evie Shaw (Kelly Rowan - When He Didn't Come Home) who runs the local marina and believes that Robert's brother's death was anything but accidental. As Robert stays in the area to investigate he not only begins to suspect someone has sold information to the competitor but he finds himself becoming close to Evie.

The first 3 reviews I came across for "Loving Evangeline" all basically said it was terrible, they also said read the book instead. As it turns out most of the negative reviews I found for "Loving Evangeline" were written by those who had read the book first and then watched the movie with it not living up to their expectations. In truth I kind of enjoyed "Loving Evangeline", there is something about it which makes it less over the top and slushy than many of these Harlequin/ Mills & Boon movies yet still having the simple romantic storyline which is an enjoyable distraction.

Kelly Rowan in Loving Evangeline (1999)

The thing about "Loving Evangeline" is that it is an uncomplicated movie and as such the basic nature of it might be boring for some. On one hand we have the business focused Robert embracing his softer side whilst falling in love with Evie and on the other we have him discovering that someone in his factory is corrupt and is responsible for his brother's murder. Yes there is a twist but that is it and as such this is the sort of movie you watch knowing where it is going once we meet the main characters.

What this all boils down to is that "Loving Evangeline" is an uncomplicated, stripped back romantic drama with no real big romantic scenes and the dramatic scenes also lacking the over the top punch you often find in Harlequin movies. That may be the why I ended up enjoying this more than I expected as it isn't full of the soap opera romance and drama I expect from these movies.