Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack (2004) starring Casper Van Dien, Danielle Cormack, Anton Tennet Movie Review

Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack (2004)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Casper Van Dien in Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack (2004)

Hard Passenger Under Siege

Former special forces operative Kyle Considine (Casper Van Dien) now works as a security expert for Saber International whose job it is to test the security systems and guards of clients to highlight any weaknesses. His arrogance has not only led to him losing previous jobs but also the failure of his marriage whilst having a strained relationship with his son Zach (Anton Tennet). When he is given the job of going on a cruise to evaluate the security systems he decides to take Zach with him but they are not the only people aboard the ship as a group of terrorists infiltrate the ship as they leave port. Now Kyle with the help of Lynne Fabrizio (Danielle Cormack), the cruise's security officer, must attempt to save the ship and its passengers.

So I am not going to waste many words reviewing "Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack" because anyone who loves movies will be familiar with the set up of the action hero in the wrong place at the wrong time. As such this is Casper Van Dien doing a Bruce Willis, a Steven Seagal, a Wesley Snipes and even an Eric Roberts as all these actors have appeared in at least one movie where they find themselves the hero in the wrong place at the wrong time. And as such what "Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack" is all about is Kyle saving the day whilst his son gets to be a bit of a hero himself and do I really need to go on. Because of this familiarity it would be fair to say that the motives of the terrorists are unimportant although there are some fun twists chucked in to the mix.

What is more interesting about "Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack" is that it stars Casper Van Dien an actor who whilst having been in the industry appearing in TV shows and TV movies for many years got his big break in 1997 with "Starship Troopers". Now some might say that this movie was Van Dien basically following the action route of actors such as Seagal and Van Damme having not made it as a big star. Yet this is a TV Movie and unlike some actors Casper Van Dien has found his home in making mainly TV movies with the occasional foray on to the big screen. So in truth "Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack" isn't Casper Van Dien trying to follow Seagal or Van Damme but doing a Seagal or Van Damme for an audience who don't want graphic violence but want the heroics of the right man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What this all boils down to is that "Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack" wants to be is a TV movie version of a typical big screen hero in the wrong place at the wrong time movie, which means still having the action but with less focus on the violence. Whilst entertaining it is weak, some times cheesy and despite featuring Casper Van Dien is forgettable.