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Making Mr. Right (2008)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Dean Cain in Making Mr. Right (2008)

My Fair Gentleman

Hallie Galloway (Christina Cox - A Brother's Promise: The Dan Jansen Story) is a go-getting career woman who plans to make editor of the magazine she works for as quick as possible and nothing will get in her way. But she finds herself involved in a wager with the current existing editor to turn a street conman, Eddie (Dean Cain - Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness), into an eligible bachelor for a charity auction, which the magazine is hosting. Eddie ends up being part of the wager after Hallie agrees to paying him the money which he owes a friend of his. Trouble is that Eddie ends up surprising Hallie as not only is he handsome once he is in smart clothes and has a haircut but he ends up a quick learning charmer.

Call it another take on "Pygmalion" or for movie fans "My Fair Lady", the simple thing is that "Making Mr, Right" is simple stuff. Uncouth conma,n with a less than believable beard and hair cut, gets transformed by a career go getter as part of a bet only for them to end up falling in love. That is it and as such "Making Mr, Right" certainly has little in the way of twists or surprises when it comes to how this romantic comedy plays out. And for some it will be enough due to who is in the movie and they might even enjoy the character developments but for me it was all a bit too routine, too predictable to be anything more than just some cute fun.

But in truth "Making Mr, Right" is less about the story and the cute romance but the appeal of its stars. As such you have Dean Cain giving us plenty of nice guy charm whilst Christina Cox looks stunning when ever she flicks her hair. But the characters they play unsurprisingly are short on depth and as such it makes it all a bit too cheesy rather than just cute fun.

What this all boils down to is that "Making Mr, Right" whilst short on story and character depth it offers plenty of actor appeal and so if you watch as a fan of Dean Cain or Christina Cox this might end up cute fun rather than corny fun.