Marry Me at Christmas (2017) Movie Review

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Rachel Skarsten in Marry Me at Christmas (2017)

Fool's Gold for Christmas

Hollywood heart throb, Johnny Blake (Trevor Donovan - Love on a Limb) is becoming tired of the sort of movies he is being offered as well as the celebrity lifestyle he has to keep up. So when his sister, Ginger (Emily Tennant - Driven Underground), plans to get married on Christmas Eve in the small town of Fool's Gold he sees it as a perfect excuse to take some time out. It also brings him in to contact with Christmas loving bridal boutique owner Madeline Krug (Rachel Skarsten - In My Dreams) who has agreed to act as wedding planner for Ginger. Already a mega fan of Johnny, Madeline finds herself spending plenty of time with the Hollywood star and getting to know the real Johnny, who she discovers is a lot more lovely than the celebrity version.

Time to get the old Hallmark Christmas movie tick sheet out for another year as I start reviewing this year's Christmas movies from the Hallmark Channel. And "Marry Me at Christmas" certainly ticks off a lot of the things I expect to see starting with delivering that classic Hallmark Christmas movie look with a snow covered town which really goes to town when Christmas arrives with beautifully decorated buildings and trees covered with lights and even the bollards along the side of the road covered in baubles. There is also the Krug family home which is just as picturesque and makes you wonder if these places really exist as they are picture postcard beautiful. Heck, in the town I livein I reckon if they put baubles on bollards the weekend drinkers would soon wreck them, if not them it would be the kids hanging around before school starts.

Trevor Donovan in Marry Me at Christmas (2017)

I could go on because "Marry Me at Christmas" also features scenes of getting a Christmas tree, impromptu snowball fights and much more. But of course we have the romantic storyline which sees Madeline, who hasn't dated since her ex left, falling for Johnny as she sees his sensitive side which is nothing like the movie star side. And yes Johnny is one of those movie stars who is beginning to question whether being a big movie star is what he still wants in life. It is pretty typical with that feel of it having a bit of this story and a bit of that put together.

The thing is that whilst "Marry Me at Christmas" ticks lots of boxes, including have several familiar faces from the world of TV movies, it has one problem. That problem is chemistry as both Rachel Skarsten and Trevor Donovan look great and perfect for a Hallmark Christmas movie but the whole falling for each other just doesn't spark like it does in other Hallmark Christmas movies which is a shame as it lets this down ever so slightly.

What this all boils down to is that "Marry Me at Christmas" is a nice looking hallmark Christmas movie which ticks several boxes when it comes to what fans of these heart warming Christmas movies love about them. But it doesn't deliver that fun romantic spark which the best Hallmark Christmas have.

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