Meddling Mom (2013) Sonia Braga, Mercedes Renard, Ana Ayora, Saundra Santiago Movie Review

Meddling Mom (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Meddling Mom (2013)

Needed Some Meddling With

Widow Carmen Vega (Sonia Braga - Empire) has two daughters; the recently married Yolanda (Ana Ayora) and the career focussed Ally (Mercedes Renard - The Neighborhood Nightmare). But whilst proud of both of her daughters Carmen can't help but interfere in their lives. She sneaks in to Yolanda's to leave books about having babies and becoming parents whilst when it comes to Ally she can't stop herself from trying to find her a suitable husband. The trouble is that whilst her intentions are good she often gets things disastrously wrong.

Disastrously wrong could be the words I would use to describe "Meddling Mom" if firstly I wasn't in such a mellow mood and secondly that I knew exactly what to expect from this made for TV movie. But even in my mellow state it has to be said that "Meddling Mom" is quite lame with an abundance of corny gags and over the top stereotypes. Let me put it this way, Ally asks her aunt about the x-ray technician she was dating and the response mentioned he could see right through her. Yes "Meddling Mom" features humour at that level and it is a level which a long-time ago I found funny but not any more.

But the humour and the stereotypes are not the only problems I have with "Meddling Mom" as the story seems to have no purpose and I hate to say this but at times this almost feels like a movie made because people had time on their hands not because someone thought that the story had potential. Maybe I am being harsh because if I was a teen, something I haven't been in a long-time, I might be entertained by this predictable comedy and the cheesy humour but as an adult it comes up short with just the visual appeal of Mercedes Renard working.

What this all boils down to is that "Meddling Mom" is not for me and is the sort of movie I outgrew a few decades ago when corny jokes and over the top stereotypes would have amused me.