Meteor Apocalypse (2010) starring Joe Lando, Claudia Christian, Cooper Harris, Madison McLaughlin directed by Micho Rutare Movie Review

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Joe Lando and Cooper Harris in Meteor Apocalypse (2010)

Lando of the Lost

It was just another night for geologist David Dematti (Joe Lando) with his short fuse causing him to not only upset his daughter Alison (Madison McLaughlin) but also his wife Kate (Claudia Christian). Unbeknown to David the planet is in danger as first a huge meteor plummets towards it then the Governments around the world secretly fire nuclear missiles at it, shattering it but causing smaller and now radio active fragments to plummet to Earth where they pollute the water supply. When David gets called in to work in the middle of night Kate and Alison get put in to quarantine leading to David trying to find them with the help of Lynn Leigh (Cooper Harris) whose life he saves when he finds her convulsing on the floor of a gas station. The thing is; will there be any point in living if the World is messed up and the water is polluted especially as another large meteor is going to hit and the vaccine for the sickness from drinking polluted water which David has is running out.

I am going to try and spin a positive on "Meteor Apocalypse" because deep down this movie is trying to be different to the norm when it comes to lesser budget disaster movies. What it seems to be aiming for is a look at a father trying to find his family whilst navigating a vastly changing landscape in the wake of a major disaster. It aims to show his feelings of guilt having been abrupt towards his wife and daughter when we first meet him, his need to be reunited and also a sense of conflict to deal with as his supplies of vaccine he carries are running low and he could be faced with having to make a choice between who can live and who can die.

On a positive note as well "Meteor Apocalypse" starts with a disaster rather than building up to it and dealing with the consequences of what the Governments around the world did to try and prevent a disaster. So instead of doing the usual of following someone trying to prevent a disaster it looks at the fallout of the initial disaster and the possible bigger disaster which is to come with another larger meteor heading for where David's wife and kid as well as others being held in quarantine are.

The trouble with "Meteor Apocalypse" is that it is a lesser budget movie and so has that cheesy side; the unrealistic action, the weak dialogue and some less than satisfactory special effects. Basically it has a lot of the typical issues which come with a low budget disaster movie and sadly they spoil the movies focus. Add to that the packaging of the movie making this appear like a generic disaster movie which for me it isn't.

What this all boils down to is that "Meteor Apocalypse" as a movie doesn't work because it suffers from all the issues you get from a low budget disaster movie. But it also doesn't work because the story is more than just a regular disaster movie story and in truth someone needs to take the script, refine it and then get a big screen movie made of it as it has potential.