Miami Magma (2011) Rachel Hunter, Melissa Ordway, Stacey Asaro, Brad Dourif, Griff Furst, Lauren Graham, Mayra Leal, Crystal Rivers, Hector Machado, Bryan Massey, Miles Doleac, J.D. Evermore Movie Review

Miami Magma (2011)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Rachel Hunter in Miami Magma (2011)

Fails to Create Any Heat

Vulcanologist, Antoinette Vitrini (Rachel Hunter - The Perfect Assistant) discovers something strange whilst leading a college class on an exploration of a local wet land. It leads her to suspect some thing has disrupted old pockets of magma which are now causing a series of strange readings. And she is not wrong as a drilling company run by Jacob Capilla (Brad Dourif - Silicon Towers) have an illegal subterranean operation going on which has drilled into an area they shouldn't in order to tap its rich resources.

I love bad movies, I actively seek out those late night made for TV disaster movies which are often on the end of reviews which start with "Worst movie ever" as I enjoy the so bad it is good aspect of them. But once in a while one of these disaster movies come along which just doesn't come close to working. Sad to say it but "Miami Magma" is one such movie which is so poorly put together that it becomes a matter of endurance to stay with it to the end.

Now I am not going in to detail over what happens as the synopsis says almost all you need to know. Although of course we have various dangers which come with super hot magma, and one of those is a cloud of steam coming off the ocean as it is super heated and blown in to where a girls gone wild style event is happening on the beach. The trouble is that each aspect of "Miami Magma" is painful; from the corrupt directors wanting to cover up what they have been doing to Antoinette and her ex working together, along with her little sister, to try and stop things getting any worse. It's not that it is dumb, although it is, it is just uninteresting and lacks the over the top ridiculousness to make it amusing.

Usually when I watch one of these movies I will find some thing which borders on the good and despite some familiar names about the only positive I can come up with when it comes to "Miami Magma" is that at least it wasn't a completely low budget movie made on home video cameras.

What this all boils down to is that "Miami Magma" is not just a bad made for TV disaster movie but one which doesn't even manage to entertain through being bad. The only redeeming quality it has is that at least the image quality is decent.