Missing Daughter (2017) (aka: Nanny Seduction) Erin Cahill, Wes Brown, Valerie Azlynn, Austin Highsmith, Ashton Leigh, Lauren Gobuzzi, J. Teddy Garces, Sharon Garrison, Jannette Sepwa Movie Review

Missing Daughter (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Wes Brown and Austin Highsmith in Missing Daughter (2017) (aka: Nanny Seduction)

Nanny No No

After Ben (Wes Brown - Christmas in Mississippi) had an affair his wife, Kara (Austin Highsmith - A Deadly Affair), has found it difficult to trust him, especially as he is always working late. But she does her best as six months ago they adopted 8 year old Riley (Lauren Gobuzzi) whose real mother, Vanessa (Erin Cahill - Sleigh Bells Ring), was an alcoholic. When their existing nanny, Mrs. Gregory (Sharon Garrison), has to leave Kara finds herself struggling to find a replacement as the first is inexperienced and the second is trouble for Ben. What Ben and Kara don't know is that someone is not just watching their home but also sneaking around it. And then Riley disappears...

Movies about troublesome nannies are quite frequent in the world of made for TV movies with some nannies who set out to seduce husbands whilst other nannies attempt to abduct young children. So how do you make another made for TV movie featuring a nanny more entertaining? Well in the case of "Missing Daughter", which is also known as "Nanny Seduction", it simply combines every nanny movie idea ever thought of in to one movie. So yes that means in "Missing Daughter" we have a nanny who tries to seduce a daddy but also a storyline which sees a child being abducted.

Erin Cahill in Missing Daughter (2017) (aka: Nanny Seduction)

But "Missing Child" layers these two central story ideas with other ideas, although some might call them more cliches. So we have trust issues over a husband who has an affair. We also have an adopted child's real mother pretty much stalking Ben and Kara. And sadly none of this is in anyways new it is simply a little different to have it stuffed together in to one movie. Unfortunately it doesn't make "Missing Child" any better and this is one of those TV movies where the characters frequently do stupid things which leads to this towards becoming an entertaining groan movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Missing Child" is a TV movie which simply combines various ideas, mostly from the naughty nanny movie genre. It doesn't make it less predictable but it does make it strangely entertaining even when much of it is kind of groan worthy.