Moby Dick (2010) Barry Bostwick, Renée O'Connor, Matt Lagan, Adam Grimes Movie Review

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Barry Bostwick in Moby Dick (2010)

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Marine biologist Dr. Michelle Herman (Renée O'Connor) is out trying to communicate with whales when the USS Pequod surfaces with Dr. Herman and her assistant being summoned aboard. The Pequod is under the command of Captain Ahab (Barry Bostwick) who ever since he lost his leg in an encounter with the beast of the deep, Moby Dick, has been hell bent on killing the beast, fitting out the Pequod for that purpose. But having gone rogue with the submarine he not only finds himself hunting down the giant sea creature but also being hunted down by the US Navy who want their submarine back.

As someone who isn't a great book reader it is probably not much of a surprise when I say that I have never read Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" but more surprising is that up until watching this 2010 modernisation of "Moby Dick" I haven't seen another movie version. Now that I am sure is a positive as I didn't go into this version of Moby Dick" with anything to compare it against and as this movie stars with the words "The Asylum" I knew exactly what to expect, which is nonsense which somehow gets even ridiculouser the longer the movie goes on. As such let me say right now; don't watch this version of "Moby Dick" if you are looking for a good movie as you are not going to get it.

Renée O'Connor in Moby Dick (2010)

Now as I mentioned, I knew exactly what to expect the minute I saw the words "The Asylum" at the start of "Moby Dick" as they are the production company who amongst their ever increasing catalogue of movies have been responsible for the "Sharknado" movies. As such what you get in "Moby Dick" is a story which features Captain Ahab obsessed with destroying the monster Moby Dick but rather than ships we have submarines, we have a ridiculously large spear gun and the sort of special effects which end up making you laugh as you groan because of how bad they are. Whilst all this is going on we get a host of superfluous characters around Barry Bostwick who as Captain Ahab seems to have been given dialogue which cherry picks lines from Melville's original. In truth it is all pretty poor but when watched with low expectations there are one or two scenes which might make you smile.

What this all boils down to is that despite usually liking these groan-fests which "The Asylum" produce I even found "Moby Dick" a few groans too many. It just never really became enjoyable in that bad movie sort of way and frankly it never had a chance of being enjoyable in a good movie way to start with.