Moon (2009) Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott, Rosie Shaw Movie Review

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Sam Rockwell in Moon (2009)

Your Face Rings a Bell

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), for almost the last 3 years, has worked for Lunar Industries on a contract which sees him as the sole inhabitant of a lunar station where it is his job to harvest supplied of helium-3, a clean energy which he then launches back to Earth. But with just a computer system called GERTY Sam knows with just two weeks till his time ends and he returns to Earth he is struggling and has started to hallucinate especially as there is no real time communicating with Earth where his wife and toddler remain. But when he suffers an accident at one of the harvesters and is knocked out cold he comes around back in the station suspecting GERTY retrieved him. But curious as to what happened he returns to where he suffered his accident and discovers something which not only makes him question his sanity but make his mission to get back home with no help from anything else.

Damn it, that is me frustrated after watching "Moon" for the first time because I know as a movie reviewer this is going to be one pain of a movie to review. And the simple reason why is because watching the movie not knowing what happens is when it is at its most powerful. Once you have read or been told something happens it spoils it and trust me there are a lot of other movie reviews out there which will spoil it for you.

So what can I say about "Moon" well in truth not a lot other than to say that the writers have come up with this interesting story which starts as seemingly one thing, this story of a man having spent 3 years on their own and is suffering. It is an interesting look at a man's sanity which makes you question whether he is losing it or is everything is as it seems, as in is he some sort of "Truman Show" experiment, kept in isolation to study the effects of solitude on a man. But then we get the twist, the reveal as to what is going on and slowly the movie develops into something not so much complicated but fascinating.

What I can also say is that whilst "Moon" has a few actors involved including Kevin Spacey providing the voice of GERTY this movie is all about Sam Rockwell and allows him to show many sides. From giving us serious to quirky and Rockwell delivers it, being playful when needed but also serious.

What this all boils down to is that "Moon" is certainly an entertaining movie which makes you think, speculate and doubt yourself as it is not in a hurry to reveal what is actually going on. But it is also a movie which owes a lot to the talented Sam Rockwell who delivers different layers of character to make it so entertaining.